5 Nights


A 5 night inspired wellness retreat on the beautiful magic island of Ibiza. Crafted for you to tune in to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of you. A synergy of movement therapy, meditation, healing therapies, walking, creative art, and inspired healthy cuisine within a sublimely beautiful natural environment. Let your soul shine and leave feeling re-energized and re-balanced.


My personalised retreats are all fully customised. I work one-on-one with you. This way I can tailor make the experience to support you in the best ways possible.

I am very passionate about my work. A somatic movement, generally speaking, is one which is performed consciously with the intention of focusing on the internal experience of the movement.

I teach a beautiful gentle movement practise to help you reconnect with your body, and to encourage you to move from the inside out. We are energy bodies and when we connect with our body and move with awareness we can release what no longer serves us and allow ALL of ourself to be seen, felt, and heard. This then results in personal, profound realisations which unravel into our consciousness.

We tend to be pre-occupied and live in our heads. While it is wonderful to have a creative and active mind my work supports you to connect with your body intelligence and become more body-centred. This in turn connects you to your knowing (your truths) and into being. To move from this place changes the way you see, feel, and experience the world around you. All the answers you seek are within you. My retreats offer you the space to shift from outward achievements to inner reflection and contemplation.

I teach one hour movement sessions and I guide the whole experience. The sessions begin and end slowly, and are a little more energised, movement-wise, during the mid-section of the experience. I blend world/new age type music and guide you through various structured therapeutic movements and body awareness techniques, observing tension within the body, postural exploration, visualisations, symbology, breathing techniques, love, and care. The session ends with floor-work which blends yoga movements with relaxation and meditation.

Movement is communication. My work helps to build the bridge (transition space) that separates the inner and outer self allowing the deep knowledge of the unconscious to manifest in movement and image.

For me, self love is the key to healing and empowerment. You are the only one who can take responsibility for your own feelings, emotions, and ultimately life. I believe ‘inner bonding’ is the secret. Getting to know and understand yourself on all levels. Whatever you have suppressed, ignored, or forgotten within yourself must come to the surface in order for you to heal and grow.

I would love to share this with you. I am sure this will be something different and unique for you to explore.

If you wish to attend with a partner or friend(s) this is also possible. Please note sessions would be taught together, and sharing a room is an option.

Suitable for all ages and levels. No experience necessary.

What is included

prices start from €910 per person

Option #1 : Private room - Garden view with shared bathroom

Option #2 : Private room - Sea view with shared bathroom

Option #3 : Private room - Tower suite with ensuite and private roof-top terrace

Option #4 : Shared room - Garden view with twin beds and shared bathroom

Option #5 : Shared room - Sea view with twin beds and shared bathroom 

Option #6 : Shared double room (couples only) - Tower suite with ensuite and private roof-top

5 nights Accommodation in a beautiful Ibicencan Farmhouse
Private or shared room with bathroom/shower
Daily Complimentary Breakfast
Four Evening Meals (one night free to explore the wonderful island’s restaurants)
Guided Session - Setting your Intentions
2 hour Private Movement Therapy Workshop (split into two parts)
Two 1 hour private movement sessions with Tracey
Wellness Walk in nature
Guided Session : Reflection and Gratitude Meditation
Practical Wellness tools to take back home with you
Continued support and guidance after the retreat
Free time to explore the island
Journal time

Not Included




Airport Transfers

Check in Timings

Check in : anytime after 2pm

Check out: 12noon

Optional Extras

Please see the above package as a starting point. It is possible to add any of the optional extras (below) to your retreat package. Please let us know when you make an inquiry. Then we can adjust the package accordingly and email you with the amended price. Or alternatively you can add/book any of the optional extras once you are with us in Ibiza.


An additional evening meal for your final night's stay

Massage/ Healing Treatment(s) with the islands' best practitioners
30 mins stretching / movement meditation session at our poolside terrace with Tracey Fenner
Private Yoga Session(s)
Creative Art Therapy Session with Tracey Fenner

Nutrition Talks with David Fenner
Photography Walks

Private Photo Portrait Session with David Fenner
Meditation Session(s)
SUP Boarding (seasonal)
Transfer’s to and from the airport

Things to do whilst in Ibiza

Shopping trips to the amazing Las Dalias ‘hippy’ market in San Carlos
A trip to the nearest beach (a 2 min drive from where you are staying)
Additional Yoga classes with the islands' best teachers
Breath-taking guided walks in nature
Beautiful Spa Day(s) at Atzaro
Drumming experience at the famous Benirras Beach (seasonal)
Exploring the Ibiza Old Town
Take a trip to the breath-taking Es Vedra to watch the sunset
Charter a boat to Formenterra


Accommodation is within a beautiful Ibicencan Farmhouse in San Carlos, in the quieter northern part of island. Ibiza's North is tranquil and breathtakingly beautiful. The Finca is surrounded by nature, with a beautiful pool, and wonderful sea views enjoying the stunning Balearic sunrise. Private or shared room's with bathroom/shower are available. Chic accented rooms and all the amenities required to make your stay comfortable and memorable. The nearest beach is just a two minute drive away.

Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Spain near the city Valencia. It is the third largest of the Balearic Isles. It has a rich history, the 'Hippie' period being one of the most influential times.  Beginning in the '60's, the island became very popular with movie stars, artists, writers, and artisans. The combination of tourism in the 60's and the dynamic hippy movement made Ibiza the European equivalent of San Francisco. It reminds us too, in many ways, of Bali and Goa. The the island's reputation as a place of free thinking and self expression still thrives to this day. There are numerous hippy markets capturing the essence of life on the island, and it wouldn't be a visit to Ibiza without experiencing the famous drummers whilst watching the sun set at Benirras beach on the north tip of the island. Ibiza is a funky, beautiful, free-spirited, vibrant, and chilled place to be.


Daily breakfast and some evening meals are provided during your stay. A delicious blend of vegetarian cuisine is served overlooking stunning sea views, and the poolside terrace.



What a beautiful 5 nights with Tracey, David & Molly. The whole experience has been one i will never forget. I have been completely looked after and when they said ‘the retreat begins when you walk through the door’, they were right. On the first day I received my itinerary of dance sessions, walks and meditations, they started as black and white writings on the page but it contained a secret that only revealed itself as the days progressed. Tracey, what a unique and wonderful person, thank you for your time and special words that will resonate for always. David’s evening meals were something I looked forward to and I shall miss them, along with his sense of humour! The whole experience has been magical and I want to say thank you to both of you for your genuine kindness. Love Kay (UK) July 2016

This retreat experience is a little piece of heaven, that will nourish your body, mind and soul. From the moment you arrive you will be embraced by a warm, and loving welcome, which will be carried through until you have to leave. Tracey and David nourish their guests in so many ways. The breakfast was a great start to the day and the meals we had as part of our retreat package, were so so yum! David the creative photographer, is equally creative in the kitchen. The retreat with Tracey, was for me, gently explorative, but deep in its effect. I also had the opportunity to meet and have treatments with other professionals that Tracey has hand picked, who are equally wonderful. For me it was all that a retreat needed to be.. refreshing, renewing, recharging,re-nourishing, and reconnecting. Thank you Tracey, David and Molly! I am looking forward to my next stay already. by Philomena (Co Cork Ireland) June 2016

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