Please note that currently we are not hosting any retreats in Ibiza.

More information to follow shortly.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions.

A retreat gives you the opportunity to withdraw, reflect and turn your attention inward, away from the world of everyday demands, pressures and responsibilities. You may wish to give time to any one of a wide range of issues: your health, relationships, career, personal development, a sense of meaninglessness, lack of purpose, challenges of ageing, coping with emotions, anxiety, depression, crisis or spiritual enquiry.

Our exclusive designed private retreat meets you where-ever you are at, and helps you to embody experiences that are meaningful to you. This will then motivate and inspire you to take your next steps in your life with re-newed clarity, creativity and purpose. This retreat offers a deeply personal, nourishing and soulful experience. An invitation for you to dive in to your inner wisdom, from a space of non-judgment, freedom and exploration.

Join us for a synergy of dance movement therapy, infused with incredible inspiring and uplifting music, meditation, healing therapies, walking, creative art, deep conversations, and inspired healthy cuisine within a sublimely beautiful natural environment.

I believe you can dance. Whether or not you agree with me, I hold the space so that you can let go of any expectations, relax, and know that there is no right or wrong way of doing. Through movement exploration you will attune and listen to your heart’s song, and welcome in joyful authentic expression. Do not allow your inner critic to say you 'can't dance', be brave, take the step, and see how conscious dance can support you in awe-inspiring ways.

There is an inherent talent and untapped creativity that resides within each of us. Movement is a way for us to communication and connect with our deepest emotions. Our bodies are designed to move, and in many cultures dance is indigenous to life.

My perception is that life is a dance, there will always be highs and lows, twists and turns. How we navigate the dance is how we create peace of mind, harmony and an enriched life experience. Life would be pretty dull if it was smooth sailing every day!

Our private one-on-one retreat experiences have often been described as ‘life changing’. Movement is creative expression, bringing the unconscious to the conscious and getting in touch with our inner state. A liberating one-of-a-kind experience perfect for all levels and ages. No experience necessary just a willingness to dive in without expectation, and trust the journey.


A recent review

I must confess, I was very apprehensive about making a solo-trip, in an ‘off season, with strangers, in an unfamiliar island, and as I write this I can’t thank myself enough for making the great decision. There are very few people in this world who can connect with other people in such a short time, at such a deep level. The awesome conversations, your suggestions of the bike tour, the spa sessions and indeed the amazing food are an experience I will never forget. Tracey your sessions were truly transformational. I have never been at such peace ever. It was akin to an ‘out of body’ experience and finding my state (0,0,0,0) in the space-time dimensions. I can only hope to have the camaraderie, friendship and compatibility (with my spouse when I get married) that the two of you have. The world is a better place with you. Bless you!. From the bottom of my heart. A huge THANK YOU. This part of my life was called HAPPINESS - by Jaidip Kumar (India) December 2016

Choose which exclusive package resonates with you the most, my recommendation is to listen to what your heart desires (not your head). .

Please note : It is also possible to stay for 3 or 7 nights on our exclusive retreat programmes. Please let us know which length of stay you prefer when you send us an inquiry. Prices and package inclusions vary depending on length of stay.

Suitable for : Someone who wishes to step back from everyday life issues, to breathe and connect with more silence and stillness.

You will leave feeling : Calmer, more peaceful, greater clarity and in harmony with your self and life.



Suitable for : Someone who is feeling frustrated with life. You feel ‘stuck’, you are sitting at a cross-roads not knowing where to go next. The same patterns keep playing over and over again. You will leave feeling : Inspired, more clarity & motivated to continue your life’s journey with purpose & integrity.


Suitable for : Someone seeking support for life change and life challenging situations. You will leave feeling : Feeling lighter, reconnected with your self, and better equipped to dive deeper into any challenges or obstacles you may be facing in life.



Suitable for : Someone who is over worked, stressed, burnt-out, low in energy, experiencing a life crisis, or post relationship breakdown.

You will leave feeling : Rested, energized and ready to take on the world with greater motivation, acceptance and new spirit.

Suitable for : Someone who struggles with low self esteem, body image problems, disconnection from their body, always living in your head (mind).
You will leave feeling : A reconnection, deeper appreciation and inner bonding with your body and inner guidance system.



This exclusive retreat experience is a very special mother-daugher getaway. 5 nights to enjoy everything that women love to do! A heart-felt retreat experience crafted for you to nurture your relationship with each other. Life is just too short to not create special heart-felt memories.