In a world of so much stimulation 24/7 ; you must do this, buy this, learn this, don't do that, this will make you happy / successful / healthier/ wealthy. It's a sensory overload! There is an alternative. . .

Simplicity & Silence. Slowing down so you can truly listen. Simple, gentle moves / stretches to feel more grounded and centred.

This is an example of one of my own personal movement meditations focusing on the spine. Like any meditation practise this is to cultivate more zen, awareness & relaxation for living.


I invite you to join in with me. I do not speak or tell you what to do during the video, I will be your body movement guide. Please make any adjustments of the movements for your body. Pay tender loving care and attention to yourself and afterwards notice how your body & mind feel as you move through your day/ evening.


A little conscious movement each day and your body will feel the difference. I recommend repeating this simple practice (or a variation of this theme) at the same time each day, for a period of one month. Then journal afterwards about what your body revealed to you.


Happy Meditating!

Music used :
Song 1 - Return to Peace - Dr Andrew Well, Kimba Arem
Song 2 - Meditation - Nawang Khechog with R Carlos Nakai