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Simplicity. Balance. Self Care. Creating New Habits. Nowness.

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Please find below a couple of conscious movement video examples.


The course includes many different elements to create new habits towards finding balance. Along with conscious movement we also explore movement meditations, creative art, meditations and much more.

To be out of balance - unrooted : not centred : not grounded : not well proportioned : off balance : not evenly or properly distributed: not treating all sides with due importance: unbalanced : lacking steadiness and soundness of judgment.

To be balanced - being in a state of proper equilibrium.

There are many ways to regain balance in our lives, but f
or me, self-care is the key to healing, balance and empowerment. You are the only one who can take responsibility for your own feelings, emotions, actions and ultimately life. Taking a step towards creating more balance in your life, starts with you making a commitment to yourself each day, to dedicate time for yourself.

Video 1 : Music Used : Silence - Album : Vargo

Video 2 : Music Used : You are Safe - Artist : Vanessa Forbes


Authentic Movement Example


Letting Go


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