The LIVE FULLY One-on-One Monthly Program is designed to offer continued support and guidance on a deeper more intimate level. We are all unique and so we each learn in different ways and speeds. This tailor-made program gives you the time, space and helps to bridge the gap between who you are today, and who you wish to be tomorrow. Bringing to light what separates the inner and outer self, and allowing the deep knowledge of the unconscious to manifest. 

There is an inherent talent and untapped potential, that resides within you. It’s time for your unique signature to be seen, to be felt and to be heard in this world. Letting go of what is imposed onto you from the outside and remembering how to trust and believe in yourself. The wisdom you are seeking resides within you. By unlocking your potential you will create a life which is more meaningful and fulfilled. No one like you has ever been or ever will be here again, you and your life is a unique opportunity and a blessing. To not reveal and share your gifts with the world would be a tragedy.

Many of my clients have shared they have had life enhancing workshops or retreat experiences in the past, but then when they go back to their every day life's they slip quickly back into their old habits and ways of doing and non doing. Often they experience a 'low' period, soon after.


This program is designed in such a way to keep you on track, you do not have to figure things out on your own anymore, I am here to help you with the transition.


For many years I have been offering One-on-One experiences, so that I can support my clients in the best possible ways. I invest my life-force energy, spiritual guidance, intuition and expertise into one human ‘being’ at a time. This creates the biggest shifts I have witnessed in trust, self-belief, transformation and pure knowing.

While I feel there are many benefits within a group setting, often it is easier for people to ‘hide’ themselves. When I work individually with clients I can fully focus my attention on their unique desires, and needs. There is no hiding. We create clear intentions together, and I hold you accountable to make positive steps forward in the direction of your soul's path. The desired results are much swifter to achieve, and clients experience profound realisations during this concentrated period of time together.


I meet you where ever you are at; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I see you. I hear you and together we explore new possibilities that are in direct connection to your inner truths.

I love to share my expertise, unique movement message and insights with the people who are ready and committed to make serious changes with their lives. The program is accessible any where in the world via live video skype sessions.

So only after we have met and danced in person together (either on the LIVE FULLY Group Retreat Workshop Immersion, or during a previous personalised retreat experience), you have the opportunity, if you wish to, to take the next step and work with me on the One-on-One Monthly Program.

Places are limited each month. If you are interested to find out more about this life changing program please click the button below to send me an inquiry.





Here is an outline of the Program : LIVE FULLY - The Pursuit of Your Potential Within

STEP ONE - 4 Day Retreat Group Workshop Immersion in Ibiza - Limited to a maximum of 16 persons only (Only available twice a year - April, October)

STEP TWO - One-on-One Monthly Program - Limited places available per month - worldwide



STEP TWO/ THREE - 90 Days Ultimate Exclusive One-on-One Package - Limited places available - worldwide

Please note : Only if you have worked with me in person before are you welcome to sign up directly to either of my One-on-One Monthly Program or my 90 Days Ultimate Exclusive One-on-One Package.

Live Fully

The Pursuit of Your Potential Within


No one like you has ever been or ever will be here again, you and your life is a unique opportunity and a blessing. To not reveal and share your gifts with the world would be a tragedy.

LIVE FULLY One-on-One Monthly Program can be taken where ever you are in the world. Our sessions will be scheduled live over Skype Video each week.


To be arranged once you are accepted on the program.


Tailor Made Program crafted to ensure your unique desires and needs are met - Each experience is unique, because you are unique.

Pre-Program - Consultation via email

Guided Opening Session - Journal making

Setting your intentions
Weekly sessions with Tracey (one-on-one) Movement Sessions - a pre-recorded tailor-made video experience (1 hour)

Weekly Skype Video Chat - Guidance Session - for Q&A (1 hour)
Inspirational Handouts & Resources
Creative Art Therapy - Build your Dream & Affirmation Board Workshop (video)
4 Meditations (audios)
Bonus Goodies and much more

On request after completion of a short consultation with Tracey via email.


Only if you have worked with me in person before are you welcome to enrol directly on to my One-on-One Monthly Program.

Once you are enrolled on the program, you will receive an email with more details regarding the weekly schedule. Please feel free to email me directly with any questions


One-on-One Monthly Progrom