Reconnect with your Body


Our exclusively designed private 5 night retreat offers a deeply personal, healing, nourishing and soulful experience. An invitation for you to dive in to your inner wisdom, from a space of non-judgment, freedom and exploration. Tracey holds the space so that you can let go of any expectations, relax, and know that there is no right or wrong way of doing. Through movement exploration you will attune and listen to your heart’s song, and welcome in joyful authentic expression.

Our private one-on-one retreat experiences have often been described as ‘life changing’. Movement is creative expression, bringing the unconscious to the conscious and getting in touch with our inner state. Join us for a synergy of movement therapy, infused with incredible uplifting music, meditation, healing therapies, walking, creative art, and inspired healthy cuisine within a sublimely beautiful natural environment.


Theme :  body awareness, weight management, self love / care, the art of listening, one’s inner intuition, healing

You will leave feeling : A reconnection, deeper appreciation and inner bonding with your body and inner guidance system.

The body is designed to move, but how we move is key. How we move or don’t move our body may be a metaphor for our life. Do you move with ease and fluidity or are your motion's restricted and stiff? Awareness changes everything, our body is a highly organised, incredibly intelligent masterpiece. When we get very very good at listening to the body, the body will guide the way.
If you feel disconnected from your body, tend to live in your head, and move from the outside, then this retreat will support you to practice the art of listening. To observe your self without judgement, and re-connect with your body on a much deeper level from the inside out. Our body is the only place we live, be guided by your senses, think less and become more body centred. When we love our body we send a message of LOVE out into the universe and create more joy and love in our life.

Suitable for : Someone who struggles with low self esteem, body image problems, disconnection from their body, always living in your head (mind).

A liberating one-of-a-kind retreat experience perfect for all levels and ages.


No experience necessary.

prices start from €1235 per person

Option #1 : Private room - Garden view with shared bathroom

Option #2 : Private room - Sea view with shared bathroom

Option #3 : Private room - Tower suite with ensuite and private roof-top terrace (king-sized bed)

What is included

5 nights Accommodation in a beautiful Ibicencan Farmhouse
Private room with bathroom/shower
Daily Complimentary Breakfast
Four Evening Meals
Guided Session - Setting your Intentions
2 hour Private Movement Therapy Workshop (split into two parts)
Two 1 hour private movement sessions with Tracey
Wellness Walk in nature
Guided Meditation
Guided Session : Reflection and Gratitude Meditation
Practical Wellness tools to take back home with you
Free time to explore the island
Journal time

Not Included




Airport Transfers

Check in Timings

Check in : anytime after 2pm

Check out: 12noon

Optional Extras

Please see the above package as a starting point. It is possible to add any of the optional extras (below) to your retreat package. Please let us know when you make an inquiry. Then we can adjust the package accordingly and email you with the amended price. Or alternatively you can add/book any of the optional extras once you are with us in Ibiza.


An additional evening meal for your final night's stay

Massage/ Healing Treatment(s) with the islands' best practitioners
30 mins stretching / movement meditation session at our poolside terrace with Tracey Fenner
Private Yoga Session(s)
Creative Art Therapy Session with Tracey Fenner

Nutrition Talks with David Fenner
Photography Walks

Private Photo Portrait Session with David Fenner
Meditation Session(s)
SUP Boarding (seasonal)
Transfer’s to and from the airport

Things to do whilst in Ibiza

Shopping trips to the amazing Las Dalias ‘hippy’ market in San Carlos
A trip to the nearest beach (a 2 min drive from where you are staying)
Additional Yoga classes with the islands' best teachers
Breath-taking guided walks in nature
Beautiful Spa Day(s) at Atzaro
Drumming experience at the famous Benirras Beach (seasonal)
Exploring the Ibiza Old Town
Take a trip to the breath-taking Es Vedra to watch the sunset
Charter a boat to Formenterra


Accommodation is within a beautiful Ibicencan Farmhouse in San Carlos, in the quieter northern part of island. Ibiza's North is tranquil and breathtakingly beautiful. The Finca is surrounded by nature, with a beautiful pool, and wonderful sea views enjoying the stunning Balearic sunrise. Private or shared room's with bathroom/shower are available. Chic accented rooms and all the amenities required to make your stay comfortable and memorable. The nearest beach is just a two minute drive away.

Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Spain near the city Valencia. It is the third largest of the Balearic Isles. It has a rich history, the 'Hippie' period being one of the most influential times.  Beginning in the '60's, the island became very popular with movie stars, artists, writers, and artisans. The combination of tourism in the 60's and the dynamic hippy movement made Ibiza the European equivalent of San Francisco. It reminds us too, in many ways, of Bali and Goa. The the island's reputation as a place of free thinking and self expression still thrives to this day. There are numerous hippy markets capturing the essence of life on the island, and it wouldn't be a visit to Ibiza without experiencing the famous drummers whilst watching the sun set at Benirras beach on the north tip of the island. Ibiza is a funky, beautiful, free-spirited, vibrant, and chilled place to be.


Daily breakfast and some evening meals are provided during your stay. A delicious blend of vegetarian cuisine is served overlooking stunning sea views, and the poolside terrace.



I had a wonderful and path-breaking time at Tracey and David's oasis on stunning island Ibiza. When I decided to go for that special retreat with dance movement sessions I had no idea of what exactly will come or what I can expect but my feeling kept on saying go for it and get into this new experience. My feeling was right, I had an amazing time and I enjoyed every single moment, especially the dance sessions with you Tracey that made me feeling light, complete and released at all points. A big compliment also to you David, you spent hours in the kitchen preparing lovely healthy dishes for us. Really beautiful with how much love you both do what you do... this makes guests not feel as guests, you give them the feeling to be family. I will for sure come back soon. by Yvonne Suter (Switzerland) July 2016

I booked a retreat stay because I felt drained, exhausted and lost. I had danced with Tracey before and always found it a very positive, moving experience. I spent the week with Tracey and David and another dear friend and felt my batteries completely recharge.  Tracey and David were very gracious hosts, the accommodation was lovely, David made incredible meals and Tracey's conscious dance sessions were wonderful as always.  We also had a lot of laughs! I would highly recommend it to anyone who's looking for a relaxing, soul soothing holiday.  by Jennifer Carver (Hong Kong) May 2016

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