Wellness Retreats/ Mini Breaks

Combining Yoga & Meditation with Permaculture Design and No-Dig. Permaculture Design promotes sustainable and regenerative living and making a difference at a local level. No-Dig methods give superb and time-saving results in the production of nutrient dense food. Eating well is a preventative form of health care. 

A retreat gives you the opportunity to take some time out, to reflect and turn your attention inward, away from the world of everyday demands, pressures and responsibilities. It can also be an opportunity to learn new skills or explore a new direction for yourself in terms of lifestyle. 

We will be releasing dates and more details shortly for upcoming retreat experiences at La Ferme du Moulin des Monts in SW France.

Along with my husband David we will be offering retreats combining Yoga/Meditation with Permaculture Design / No-Dig methodology. We are aligning with local gites in order to offer small group / couples retreats for 3 and 5 nights.

La Ferme is our home, a place of inspiration for us, and a space to empower people through information and long term practical and resourceful solutions on growing great food, design systems to minimize our impact on the environment and preventative health care.


Permaculture is an ecological and innovative design system for now and future generations. The phrase was coined by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren from Australia. Permaculture creates systems for regeneration and sustainable living in harmony with nature’s intelligence. There are 12 principles which give a beautiful framework sharing practical and productive methodology that cares for the planet and creates solutions to problems that we face both locally and globally. It is a philosophy & flexible movement that encourages us to be resourceful, responsible, self reliant and minimise our impact on the environment.


‘No-dig' gardening, or no-tillage is a method that avoids disturbing of the soil. It is gaining in popularity in gardening and retentive farming. When growing crops, rather than using machinery such as tractors, plows, spades, to turn or cultivate the soil , no-dig is more or less leaving the soil alone.  One of the most favourable reasons of this method is that no-dig prevents soils erosion and compaction. This in turn creates healthier soil that absorbs, retains moisture and nutrients better. Using a mulch of compost on a no-dig vegetable bed it unlocks fertility and there are less weeds. By feeding the soil it results in healthier soil organisms and fine threads of mycorrhizal fungi (many which are harmed by tillage) which in turn means healthier crops and stronger yields. Plus you save time by not digging.

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