I came to the retreat with no expectations, acknowledging that I wouldn't find all of the answers as to why I came here. By the end of Day 2 (I came for 5 nights in total), I witnessed a life changing step-change within me; physically, mentally & spiritually. Working with Tracey gave me the strength & ambition to take the leap of faith in myself & face my fears. The result... an outlook on my life which resonates with me for the first time in nearly two years. I feel excited and positive about the future, but most importantly, I'm living in the now... and working towards being the best human being I can be. And that, in itself, is why I would recommend coming to the retreat, spending time with Tracey in & out of the programme, eating David's incredible food (too many meals to mention but the mezze is pretty delish) & giving Molly, their dog the odd cuddle. The Finca itself feels 'like home'... calm & welcoming. There's spaces to be on your own or within company.I cannot thank Tracey & David enough for their kindness, fabulous hospitality & the retreat experience offered. Memorable & Magical, it's a must for anyone caught up in whirlwind lifestyle who wants to find balance. - by Leandra O’Sullivan (UK) - August 2017


This retreat has given me more than can be seen on the surface. Folded deep within we have shared an experience that I am sure has already changed my life. You have a unique gift and you are generous enough to share it with those who find you. Thank you got supporting me to begin my journey of healing, moving and being kind to myself. There aren’t words to communicate how profound it is to be witnessed so deeply. You have intuitively been there every step of the way, and have given me confidence to commit on taking the next step forwards with what I have leaned from you both. Out of the struggle transformation will emerge. With love, peace and an open(ing) heart. Thank you - Lynne Dossetter (UK) - April 2017

I didn't know what I had to expect about Tracey's retreat. I just wanted to dance, calm down and work on my inner life (emotions). What came up was the confrontation with all kind of feelings. I experienced wonderful and long forgotten emotions. I saw things I would never ever have expected to see them. I could bloom up during the dance lessons. I was completely myself and it was an honor for me to dance with such a great dancer as Tracey is. The time of relaxation while I was drawing or while I did meditation helped me to empower new strength. Tracey is melting completely together with her passion. I realised that from the very beginning when I met her. For that I had the chance to let myself go and I was ready for transformation. Tracey's retreat, David's delicious kitchen and the spirit if this amazing island Ibiza did their very best to allow my soul, my spirit, my heart and myself to develop in an amazing way. I am very much thankful to what I was allowed to experience. With lots of love. by Patricia L. (Switzerland) - July 2017

Several weeks after arriving home from the retreat and I still can't stop sharing the wonderful experience I had with Tracey.  I can honestly say, hand on heart, that the retreat was one of the most positive experiences of my life.  I had been considering going on a retreat for several years, but could never find quite the right thing. I then came across Tracey's retreat, that focused on one-on-one support, on dance movement and self care.  The beautiful and inspiring way that Tracey describes the retreat on her website is so reflective of the experience. I have never felt so empowered in my life and have come home feeling more balanced, feeling braver about the future and feeling more connected with myself.  I do feel proud of myself for taking the step to travel alone, to a new place, to people I didn't know.  Not that I needed to worry, as from the moment I pulled up outside Tracey, David and Molly's beautiful home, I was made to feel incredibly welcome.  David treated me to the most delicious food that together with the early morning runs that I did to the beach a mere 3km away, helped me to feel physically and mentally strong. The support and guidance that the most beautifully gifted Tracey provided has made me feel more emotionally grounded and more spiritually connected. A huge heartfelt thank you. I will hold the memories of dancing with Tracey in my heart and in my soul for many many years to come. Thank you, Love Pippa x (UK) - June/ July 2017

I must confess, I was very apprehensive about making a solo-trip, in an ‘off season, with strangers, in an unfamiliar island, and as I write this I can’t thank myself enough for making the great decision. There are very few people in this world who can connect with other people in such a short time, at such a deep level. The awesome conversations, your suggestions of the bike tour, the spa sessions and indeed the amazing food are an experience I will never forget. Tracey your sessions were truly transformational. I have never been at such peace ever. It was akin to an ‘out of body’ experience and finding my state (0,0,0,0) in the space-time dimensions. I can only hope to have the camaraderie, friendship and compatibility (with my spouse when I get married) that the two of you have. The world is a better place with you. Bless you!. From the bottom of my heart. A huge THANK YOU. This part of my life was called HAPPINESS - by Jaidip Kumar (India) December 2016

Dear Tracey, David and Molly, I am so grateful to have met you both and to have shared such an incredible experience with you - it really did touch my soul. It has been one of the most positive experiences I’ve had in my life and I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart! In such a small space of time you are able to remind us of what it’s like to feel loved and valued, it’s an incredible gift you have given to me and my heart is bursting with joy, thanks to you!! This retreat was food for my soul :) Dancing with you Tracey was a dream and I hope we have another opportunity to share that again some day. David, your food was divine and I loved your good humor and kindness. I must admit I’m sad it’s all over but I will never forget all that you’ve taught me, to focus on the positives and to trust in the universe! To continue to dance and one day to those start jumps on the tube and run on the spot! I really can’t thank you enough and you’ll both remain in my heart always. Keep in touch. All my love & gratitude Amy Kantarjian (UK) September 2017

Tracey, David & Molly, I would like to thank all three of you for welcoming me into your home. I was surprised by the extent to which you gave up your own private life to make me and your other guests feel welcome. Almost immediately, on sitting down for dinner on the first night, I felt I was amongst friends. You have a lovely home in a beautiful part of the world. Tracey, I would like to thank you for sharing your techniques and experiences with me through our sessions at the Open Space. It was an enjoyable, if at times an emotional way to explore some of the challenges I face. I am not accustomed to exploring and sharing my feelings but found it surprisingly easy, rewarding and fun. I have yet to sit down and spend time on my second mandala, but I plan to soon. David, I would like to thank you for humoring my amateur attitude to photography well enough to impart a few words of wisdom, which will stick. I have already started to follow rules 1 to 4 and have downloaded my manual and started to familiarise myself with the cameras settings and features. My only regret was I was too focused on my mandala to accept your offer to share a beer. I will look forward to the next chance. With love Duncan Jones (UK) September 2017

I wasn’t sure exactly why I went on retreat in to Ibiza, but I’m so glad that I did. I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into, but that that turned out to be the best part — surrendering to an unknown experience that was personalized just for me and that turned out to be just wonderful. In only a few days, I was able to focus inward and to use dance, movement, art, meditation, the sharing of experiences and perspectives, alone time, and good food as a way to get a little clearer about both who I am—and more importantly, who I want to be. Even with a few weeks of distance from my trip, I still feel lighter, more focused, and more intentional. Tracey and David made me feel like their home was my home from the minute I arrived, and I’m quite grateful for the experience. - Ellyn A (USA) October 2017

Dear Tracey & David, thank you both for such a lovely stay. Your warm hearted hospitality made us feel at home! Thank you David for all the wonderful and tasty meals which we looked forward to very evening. Thank you Tracey for all the beautiful work you did with us! You helped us connect to our body & soul and guided us in the most pleasant surroundings of your home and at Open Space. We are very grateful for this experience and the teachings, and will definitely bring back lots of inspiration for a more balanced life in Denmark. - Jane Pejtersen and Morten Deurell (Denmark) October 2017

After spending 6 days with Tracey I felt completely rebooted. Everything was more than I expected. Tracey and her husband are amazing human beings and made me feel welcomed and cared for. Their retreat house is beautiful and cozy and the food was amazing. Really prepared with care and love. The location was the best, near a very charming village which has the best hippie market in Ibiza and gorgeous beaches. Tracey’s program was transformational - her ways of directing me to explore my internal world through movement and her insights were beyond valuable. She was very tuned to my needs and led me to have much more clear perspective of where I am now and where I want to be. - by Cristina Chasan (Brazil/UK) - July 2017

I think it was great that I didn't really know what to expect going on this retreat. At every turn there was another wonderful surprise, from the breathtaking beauty of the area, to the peaceful tranquility of your lovely home, to the freeing movements of your dances to the magnificent cuisine provided by "Chef David". And to top it all off, there's Molly! Thank you so much for your hospitality, your guidance, and your friendship. This was not an experience I will ever forget. Learning to be good to myself! by Jenn and Jean Stefanski (USA) October 2017

I couldn't recommend Tracey's retreat highly enough. For me it was exactly what I was looking for. I couldn't have asked for more and I can't thank her enough. It completely opened my heart, turned me upside down and inside out and completely changed how I see the world. Tracey is a truly remarkable, inspirational, beautiful soul. I have visited a magical place, had a life changing experience and made a wonderful friend. If you are looking for love, joy, peace and fun all in one bundle go on Tracey's retreat!!The best thing you will do!! - by Hannah Shedden (Scotland/Switzerland) July 2017


A friend and I recently spent a lovely 4 days with Tracey and David. I came away feeling more relaxed than I can remember being in the past 10+ years! They were exceptionally welcoming and I immediately felt at home in their lovely finca. My friend and I embarked on a fun itinerary of activities including movement sessions, meditation, hiking, running, painting, massages and yoga. Many of these things were quite outside my comfort zone - but Tracey made us feel completely comfortable and the debriefs from the sessions were very impactful and allowed me to think about things that had been worrying me that I hadn't faced up to properly in the past - and to get some clarity around what is next for me. I really appreciated how gentle and thoughtful Tracey was. And I hugely appreciated the amazing food prepared by David. It was a pleasure to experience the warmness, openness and calmness that they have created together. - by Kim Wylie (London/New Zealand) - May 2017

Daisy and I have had a wonderful stay with you. Our plan to have a yoga/ meditation break away together has resulted in a very special, harmonious time. We have enjoyed our explorations through somatic dance, sunrise walk and our moments of reflection. The Open Space is extremely special and we have enjoyed our own walks & bike rides. This part of the island is extremely special and beautiful in its unspoilt natural state. Lovely breakfasts and excellent evening meals David. I leave, we leave, wanting to stay. We leave with peace and tranquility in our hearts. Thank you. Daisy Finetto & Jill Bloomfield (Italy & UK) August 2017

Tracey and David, the hosts were fantastic - made me feel so welcome and relaxed from the moment I arrived - The location - a beautiful, tranquil spot in the hills but close to the beaches too - The venue - their home is stunning, a beautiful Finca in the campo, the minute I walked in I felt so peaceful, calm and relaxed - The somatic movement sessions with Tracy were like nothing else I have ever done before - Tracy has such an authentic, calming nature she put me at ease straight away and before I knew it I was literally "dancing like nobody was watching" in beautiful dance studios with her in the middle of stunning Ibiza countryside. The sessions had a lovely, yogic, therapeutic style to them and left each one feeling lighter (in body and mind) and buzzing with positivity and clarity of mind. - the food - mmmmm, David is a fantastic chef and I loved every single meal he served from delicious homemade granola, poached eggs (etc etc) for breakfast to meze style platters of delicious vegetarian tastes to a beautiful Thai curry. All of it was absolutely delicious, wholesome and healthy! - by Elisa Hill (UK) - May 2017

It's been almost a month since my return home from my retreat stay with Tracey, David and Molly and I believe the invaluable benefits are still unfolding. I learned so much about myself sharing this experience with them and the people of Ibiza. I am continuously learning about how my body communicates to me and am becoming more in tune with deep listening. I found myself so fascinated with both Tracey and David's life stories and it has helped me see that I lead a fascinating life of my own - after all, I came together with them at such a precious time of my life. I am in a place of expansion, cultivating my dreams and truly believing in myself. I have moments where I remind myself that going out to Ibiza from the U.S., by myself, wasn't just a dream in my head - it really happened, and it happened in a way I never expected. The format of this retreat allowed me to explore extensively on my own which is one of the biggest passions in my life. During our movement sessions, Tracey invited me to look at the relationship of “Form” (structured movement) and "freedom". I've always felt more comfortable in the "form" thinking - following a set of rules or steps and mastering them. A given set of guidelines that if I could perform, I would prove myself to be valuable. But freedom?  How scary is that?  What is the measurement of success in that? As I practiced the idea of "letting go" through these sessions, I released myself of expectations and measurement of my abilities. Releasing the fear has helped me tap into the passion that lives inside of me. I am so honored to have been taken into Tracey and David's beautiful home in the countryside.  Sharing intimate evening meals at their retreat home with them and the other retreat guests is something I will never forget. I consider the connections I have made with everyone to be life-long and I am confident they will continue to pay me back over my lifetime. Feeling incredibly blessed and I will see you soon Tracey, David and the magical island of Ibiza. - by Jaimie Joseph (Detroit USA) - June 2017

The retreat was lovely. The area is amazing and great for walks or runs.  Tracey and David's retreat house is beautiful and they are gracious. Tracey has insights about a myriad of life's obstacles which becomes particularly clear while doing the sessions with her. David is so sweet and a fantastic cook and upon me taking a fall while running, he was great at first aid and bandaged me up! I greatly enjoyed my experience and might return soon! - by Ella Washburn (US/Madrid) May 2017

My time with Tracey, David and, definitely not forgetting!, Molly the dog was unique and special. They warmly welcomed me into their home, and made it clear that they were dedicated to making my time there whatever I needed it to be. I walked, talked, meditated and danced with Tracey, and felt a freedom and support to be authentic and free that is rare. I experienced a big shift in my perspective on my life, which I am very grateful for. Meditating by the sea after sunrise was my highlight. As for David's cooking? I can only echo the praise in other reviews, and confirm that its legend lives on! Thank you for everything. by Aniela Taylor (UK) December 2016

I’m bowled over by just how at home i’ve felt in your home, thank you for creating a haven of safety and tranquility. I’ve felt as nurtured by your dinners and breakfasts, scent of pine, and long lingering rays of sunshine. Your recommendations of best beaches and restaurants have been spot on. Thank you both for having me in your home, where I have relished the space to get back in touch with where I’m supposed to be heading. And a very special thank you to Tracey for guiding the challenging yet rewarding movement sessions, and meditations. Your generosity of spirit has been a gift to experience, and I hope I can pass some. most….all of it on to others. by Nigel Pilkington (UK) April 2017

Mother & Daughter Retreat: Sophie and I came to Ibiza to your retreat not really knowing what to expect, but it far exceeded our expectations. We are both in transition and your methods of being kind to ourselves, of not being afraid to take the next step, and also to be present in our lives were messages that we will carry with us. We loved the dancing, the meditation by the sea, and the time to explore lovely beaches and villages and then back to the oasis of the finca and David’s fantastic food! It was a much needed break in our lives which has equipped us well for the next steps.  Your kindness and thoughtfulness make the whole process so much more personal, thank you for a wonderful few days.  And Sophie got a lot out of her Tarot card reading! Hope to meet you again someday soon. by Julie Barker (UK) May 2017

My stay at your beautiful retreat on the island of Ibiza was very touching. I am so thankful for those peaceful days. I felt very welcomed and at home. I experienced those wonderful dance sessions as a path, which still continues. I am very thankful to have been able to experience calmness, movement, healthy food, beautiful nature and a place, where all what comes has space and acceptance. by Alexandra Messerli (Switzerland) May 2017

Thank you so much for an amazing 6 days. It has been everything we wished for and more and more and more. You have a wonderful family with Molly and David and it has truly been the most positive and illuminating holiday we have been on. Dancing with you was a very precious experience and it will stay within our hearts forever. Thank you for spending time to dance with us, we will treasure your energy and will aspire towards that every day. Love Katie (UK) July 2016

What a beautiful 5 nights with Tracey, David & Molly. The whole experience has been one i will never forget. I have been completely looked after and when they said ‘the retreat begins when you walk through the door’, they were right. On the first day I received my itinerary of dance sessions, walks and meditations, they started as black and white writings on the page but it contained a secret that only revealed itself as the days progressed. Tracey, what a unique and wonderful person, thank you for your time and special words that will resonate for always. David’s evening meals were something I looked forward to and I shall miss them, along with his sense of humour! The whole experience has been magical and I want to say thank you to both of you for your genuine kindness. Love Kay (UK) July 2016


I was looking for a soulful experience and found that and so much more with Tracey! I am so grateful to have found her and I absolutely loved the experience of somatic dance. Her approach, demeanor and soulfulness as well as the dance environments were so inspirational that I didn't want to leave. Tracey and David's hospitality is beyond a retreat. It is an experience in discovering deeper parts within yourself and I cannot thank them enough for creating space for me to achieve new levels of enlightenment. Truly magical! by Colleen Kurdy (San Francisco) May 2016

Mother & Daughter Retreat: Couldn't ask for more. We feel that our time on Ibiza was blessed from start to finish. A sure message. How can I thank you enough for the major part you played in our feeling of healing and well being. The bond we felt with each other and with you, the fun we experienced in each others company and the magic that Ibiza has cast on us, all topped by our remarkable dance sessions with you is something we will both treasure forever. You have had a profound effect on Hannah for which I am so eternally grateful. As for myself, I am able to return to Manchester with an open heart and faith in the future. You beautiful you, so glad I found you! by Denise & Hannah Cornall (UK) August 2016


This October 2016 I spent a wonderful time retreating with Tracey and David and their lovely dog Molly on the beautiful & stunning island of ibiza. Surrounded by the nature, peace and amazing views. Even though this is my first retreat I felt very comfortable and relaxed, just like home. I learnt so much from Tracey, through her personalized dance movement therapy session. I feel connected with myself again, my heart is full with joy and a lot of positive energy. The morning walk and mediation to see the sunrise was magical and very special. Every evening I looked forward to my dinner as David's delicious dishes were filled with passion, love, caring, and also full of surprises! I feel very lucky and grateful to have experienced this retreat. I would love to go back to this wonderful place again, as it was my best experience in my life. Miss you both already. by Lucy Zhong (Edinburgh, Scotland) October 2016

This was my first retreat, I did not know what I could expect and was somewhat a little skeptical with respect to this experience, even though I booked it myself. From my initial contact with Tracey, I felt at ease, listened to and trustful. I immediately felt welcomed when I arrived in Ibiza. I booked a stay of 8 days. I had the time to rest and unwind, and good advice to explore the island. The one-on-one sessions with Tracey gave me an incredible amount of virtue. They were tailored, personal and liberating. The combination of techniques were dance, visualisations, relaxation, and yoga. I felt another woman when leaving you. My posture changed, I became more positive and lighter and gained insights into myself for 2017. Not only psychologically it made a difference, but also physically. Tracey knows what she is doing. She takes her time for the people who come. They want to know and help you moving forward. Ideally in the combo is her husband David and his cooking. I am not a vegetarian, but I decided to cut some meat and make some of his recipes at home already. There is much love and care into what I was served. Good food. A total picture. I was also positively surprised about Ibiza. I like hippie, female-friendly atmosphere and beautiful nature. I feel floaty from there. by Fien (Belgium) - December 2016

(Also written in Dutch from Fien) Dit was m'n eerste retraite, ik wist niet wat ik verwachten kon en stond ergens wel wat sceptisch t.o.v. deze ervaring ondanks dat ik ze zelf boekte. Vanaf m'n eerste contacten met Tracey, voelde ik mij op m'n gemak en beluisterd. Ik kreeg onmiddellijk het gevoel dat ik goed terecht zou komen. Een vertrouwen. Ik boekte een verblijf van 7 dagen. Eenmaal aangekomen op Ibiza, ervoer ik een warm onthaal op de finca van David en Tracey. Ik kreeg er de tijd en het advies om het eiland te verkennen en tot rust te komen. De 1 op 1 sessies met Tracey deden me ongelofelijk veel deugd. Ze waren op maat, persoonlijk en bevrijdend. De combinatie van technieken sprak me aan (dans, visualiseren, ontspanning, yoga,...). Ik ben een andere vrouw dan toen ik bij hen arriveerde. M'n lichaamshouding veranderde, ik werd weer positiever en lichter en kreeg inzichten in mezelf voor 2017. Niet enkel psychisch maakte het een verschil, maar ook lichamelijk. Tracey weet wat ze doet. Ze neemt tijd voor de mensen die ze ontvangt. Ze wil graag weten en je op gang helpen. Ideaal in de combo is haar echtgenoot David en z'n kookkunsten. Ik ben zelf geen vegetariër, maar heb beslist om wat te minderen op vlees en enkele van z'n recepten thuis klaar te maken. Er zit veel liefde en zorg in wat ik geserveerd kreeg. Lekker eten. Een totaalplaatje. Daarnaast was ik positief verrast van Ibiza. Ik hou wel van het hippie, vrouwvriendelijke sfeertje en de mooie natuur. Ik zou er bijna zweverig van worden.

I am really not the best at writing reviews but as far as my experience I can say that I got exactly what I needed from your retreat at the time. I had enough time to read my book, be alone with my thoughts, relax, detach myself from reality and also enjoy your company, yummy food and classes. All in just 3 days.  Ultimately the retreat helped me to find myself again and realise what I actually love to do rather than what people around me thought I should love. Ibiza is a really lovely place to unwind; just a simple walk by the beach, listening to the sound of waves or looking at the beautiful sunrise helped me get my mind off unnecessary thoughts. I really enjoyed the sessions, I honestly did not know what to expect, but as long as you just let yourself go and try not to overthink you see the positive effect the dance can have on you. I am also grateful for the meditation session as it is something I always wanted to learn but could never understand the idea and the technique behind it. I would love to come back one day, maybe when the weather is better and would definitely rent a car next time to explore the island! by Yulia Pashevkina (Russia)  January 2017

A paradise where I was received with warmth, friendliness and smiles. Tracey is amazingly professional and sensitive, The work we have done together gave me so much. Thank also to David for the exquises dinners and to Molly for her calming presence. What are you waiting for? Book you retreat with Tracey now! by Nadia Battista (Italian living in Paris) January 2017

I so loved your retreat. You and David have such a great approach and I can honestly say that I felt so free during our dance sessions together and felt such a deep sense of calm afterwards. I felt that the whole connection between body and mind somehow merged and there was a sense of being supported to release physical tensions. I generally spend a lot of time in my head thinking and through the hour-long session, I was able to just be more me, whatever shape or form that took (sometimes literally!). Outside the sessions, that support was still there and it was great to explore and reflect on the session and even extend that into my life. No pressure to do so but it felt natural. David's amazing cooking was the icing on the cake and very much in spirit with being nourished inside and out. Wow! I can - and do - recommend this retreat experience to anyone and I intend to come again. by Claire Jaynes (South Wales) October 2016

I booked to come out to Ibiza at short notice with an open mind to stay with David and Tracey (and Molly). I didn’t really know what I needed but I definitely needed something. The weekend navigated me through some difficult but ultimately rewarding times, Tracey guided me through meditation and movement with care and compassion. I am all the better for going and am trying to carry that through back into my life at home. by Sarah Pilcher (UK) March 2017

"Tracey and David have opened a peaceful and spiritual retreat on this lovely island of scented breezes. Coming from opposites sides of the world, I met a dear friend at "The Finca" to reconnect and to experience the magic that Tracey brings to all of her retreats. I received so much more than anticipated. David is an amazing chef; preparing the most delicious spa cuisine. And the healing movement sessions with Tracey were inspirational! We also met some very fun new friends! I can't wait to return! Thank-You!!" by Lisa Pearl (Boston) May 2016


Words can't really describe my stay! This has been my first retreat, it has been over and above my expectations. I didn't know I could relax and "smell the roses" the way I did. It was a roller coaster of pleasant emotions and a trip down memory lane of pleasant childhood memories and a recollection of everything I am grateful for. Tracey, David and Molly were so welcoming. We were spoilt! Immaculate attention to detail in all areas. And back to school camp nights of endless chatting and fun with friends. It was refreshing, revitalizing, soulful and complete. Absolutely loved it!! Thank you and much love - by Joanne McKenna (Edinburgh, Scotland) October 2016

Our stay with you was a really great experience. We loved the time we shared together and also the free time we had to explore the island. We liked so much the places you advised us to go! Thank you, the two of you, for your hospitality. Dancing with Tracey really was a deep experience. The walk / meditation will certainly help us in our lives to meditate often. Thank you to have told us so many interesting stories all about your life experiences. David, your cooking is just so lovely, you are a great chef. We hope we will have the opportunity to see you again because you are such great people. It was amazing! Love from the French girls - Chris and Carole (Paris) - October 2016

Time for yourself. Marvelous Mediterranean landscape. Silence. Magic somatic movement stupendously guided by Tracey. Suggestive music around. Wonderful experience of awakening. Aroma’s of a unique fusion cuisine presented by David. And the home's sweetness, Molly. What's else? by Catia Aliberti (Italy) - October 2016


"My wish was to find some peace of mind during my summer holidays and I definitely found this in your retreat! As a dancer, I loved your dance sessions. My work involves a lot of thinking and working out concepts. It was great getting out of my head and into my whole body. Letting go of thoughts, just dance, move and feel! And of course afterwards, enjoying David's cooking. The best dishes ever! Thank you so much for making my visit to Ibiza exactly what I needed. Hope to come back some day!” - by Linda Smolenaers (Holland) August 2016


Thank you Tracey for a wonderful and relaxing Wellness Retreat. I have been on several retreats in the past in many different countries. I loved every second of my stay with you in March at the wonderful retreat venue on the beautiful island of Ibiza. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. Calming yet thought provoking it was just what I was looking for. Your passion and energy just shone through and I came away feeling refreshed and rested. I will definitely be returning and will be recommending you to all my friends. by Carole Bailey (UK) March 2016


I had the most amazing time with Tracey & David. From the moment I got there until I left. I felt so relaxed, welcomed & the dance was amazing. Truly a magnificent retreat if your looking to recharge and re focus on the next stage of your life's journey with the bonus of making some lovely friends. I will be back. Much gratitude! by Tracey Miller (UK) July 2016


I would like to thank you for the great retreat. It was more than I could imagine, your hospitality is so great. Tracey thank you for teaching me so much about myself, about how to let go and to trust myself. David thank you for the lovely food and the efforts you made for cooking without peas!! I'm leaving you with such a nice feeling. I will have to come back. Hope to see you in Belgium once! Love Nathalie Van Hooren (Belgium) August 2016

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. The experience you gave us, the great food, the welcome, travel advice, but most of all, filling our hearts with joy and trust, making us believe in ourselves. I'll never forget about you guys & Molly. It was truly magical. A big hug love Charlotte Claes (Belgium) August 2016


My retreat in Ibiza with Tracey was more than I imagined it would be! I really enjoyed the synergy of the conscious movement sessions and the wellness walks in nature. I left with wonderful & practical tools to integrate into my everyday life. Tracey was incredibly warm & welcoming & a great Teacher. The retreat venue is peaceful, beautiful & very comfortable. I would recommend this retreat to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves & is open to change in their lives. It is perfect for a solo traveller. I would go back without question. A wonderful retreat - thank you :) by Jane Francis (UK) June 2016


This retreat experience is a little piece of heaven, that will nourish your body, mind and soul. From the moment you arrive you will be embraced by a warm, and loving welcome, which will be carried through until you have to leave. Tracey and David nourish their guests in so many ways. The breakfast was a great start to the day and the meals we had as part of our retreat package, were so so yum! David the creative photographer, is equally creative in the kitchen. The retreat with Tracey, was for me, gently explorative, but deep in its effect. I also had the opportunity to meet and have treatments with other professionals that Tracey has hand picked, who are equally wonderful. For me it was all that a retreat needed to be.. refreshing, renewing, recharging,re-nourishing, and reconnecting. Thank you Tracey, David and Molly! I am looking forward to my next stay already. by Philomena (Co Cork Ireland) June 2016


I had a wonderful and path-breaking time at Tracey and David's oasis on stunning island Ibiza. When I decided to go for that special retreat with dance movement sessions I had no idea of what exactly will come or what I can expect but my feeling kept on saying go for it and get into this new experience. My feeling was right, I had an amazing time and I enjoyed every single moment, especially the dance sessions with you Tracey that made me feeling light, complete and released at all points. A big compliment also to you David, you spent hours in the kitchen preparing llovely healthy dishes for us. Really beautiful with how much love you both do what you do... this makes guests not feel as guests, you give them the feeling to be family. I will for sure come back soon. by Yvonne Suter (Switzerland) July 2016


Tracey and David were fantastic hosts. They opened their beautiful retreat for us and were very conscientious: they struck the perfect balance of being attentive yet giving us space to relax. David's cooking is also really, really good. We did a program of yoga in the mornings and some stand up paddle boarding in the afternoons. Being able to practise in such a beautiful and tranquil setting was amazing. I would highly recommend Tracey and David and their gorgeous retreat in Ibiza to anyone. by Ross Lavery (New York) July 2016


I booked a retreat stay because I felt drained, exhausted and lost. I had danced with Tracey before and always found it a very positive, moving experience. I spent the week with Tracey and David and another dear friend and felt my batteries completely recharge. Tracey and David were very gracious hosts, the accommodation was lovely, David made incredible meals and Tracey's conscious dance sessions were wonderful as always.  We also had a lot of laughs! I would highly recommend it to anyone who's looking for a relaxing, soul soothing holiday. by Jennifer Carver (Hong Kong) May 2016


Tracey, David and Molly, I am so grateful and blessed. The week with you is life changing. It was so full and rich, fun, heartwarming and much more. It's hard to say it all in words and maybe I am also too private, so just LOVE, Smiles and Sunshine. by Sibylle Schurch (Switzerland) July 2016

EXCELLENT 10/10 46 Reviews