Do you look outside of yourself for the answers to your problems?

We can immerse ourselves in reading the very best self help books, attend wonderful workshops and seminars, but I believe knowing what is good for us is not enough. We can know how to live an inspired, fulfilled life but are we really living it? Knowing is one thing, but feeling our way through life is another thing entirely. . . I have dedicated hours and hours to ‘self development’ and I am very grateful for all the amazing experiences I have had. Knowledge is wonderful, it certainly helps me to see things from different points of view, but I believe in order to make positive changes in my life it requires me to get very real with myself. This is the fastest way to true embodiment and authenticity. To truly get to know myself, means taking action and putting in my own ’self' work! Sometimes this can be extremely challenging and painful, but I know necessary in order to heal my wounds and to be able to fully step into my power and fullest potential. I read once, a great teacher doesn’t tell you want to do, they open the door so you can discover the answers for yourself. I believe that door is the gateway to our inner-world, and all the answers we seek are there, within us. We just have to be willing to step in. So this can be easier said than done, I get that. For me one way to help myself achieve this is asking my body for guidance. I believe the body is key. Instead of looking outside of myself for the answers I seek I must look within. I love to dance, this is my passion and a gift that I carry. For me movement is medicine and a wonderful tool to connect me with my inner-world. We are after all energy bodies and dance provides us with a way to move and shift energy as a way to heal from the inside out. The reason I dance is to meet myself; to be with myself; to align with my higher self; to create space; to reveal and embody my truth; to release what no longer serves me; and to take responsibility for my thoughts, emotions and actions. I practice to feel my way through life. Dance is the language that truly speaks to me. When I dance I 'GET IT', dance helps me to figure out any obstacles happening in my life. The ‘obstacles’ in my life can all be resolved. I invite them into my dance and ask my body for help and guidance. I may not receive the answers straight away but I practice trust and have faith that everything will be delivered to me at the perfect moment, and yes it always is, even if it takes me a little while to recognise that! The one pearl I wish to give you today is simply 'Life is a dance. Love is the movement.' If you find that you search outside of yourself for the answers to your problems, then my invitation this week would be for you to spend some time alone and be in relationship with your body. Put on your favourite piece of music and just move! Dance like no one is watching you. When you dance there should be no boundaries, anything goes movement wise, be free and untamed. This is your starting point….connect with your body and feel that movement is medicine. It’s an inside job!

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