It's a very well kept secret! The other side of Ibiza.

Ten months ago, if you had said to me I would be living in Ibiza I wouldn't have believed it. At the time I was living and working in Hong Kong along with my husband David and our two beautiful dogs Jake and Molly. Hong Kong had been our home for over five and a half years.

One day I was out having coffee with a dear friend and as was often the case , we started talking about, where would we live next. Knowing me well she mentioned, have you ever considered Ibiza? "IBIZA?! "No!", I replied. Growing up in the UK I only know Ibiza for the loud clubbing vibe and that wasn't really a place I could see myself living. My friend went onto say.... "There is so much more to the island than the all-night rave parties, you should really check it out. Plus the island is known as the birthplace for the goddess of dance!" (more on that in another post!) Well on hearing that I was totally intrigued! On my way home, I messaged my husband with "IBIZA?" and he straight away replied with YES! So the seed was firmly planted.

We began to look into what was happening on the island and quickly realised this was a very special place, and it seemed to be exactly what we were looking for. So, in March of 2015 we visited the island for the very first time and it was literally love at first sight. It's difficult to describe it into words, but we both just knew. Our intuition was guiding us. We felt the vibe and incredible energy here and just knew that this island was for us, we felt the calling. I thank my dear friend every day, as our conversation on that rainy day in Central, Hong Kong helped changed our lives forever.

So we left Hong Kong, via the UK, in May 2015. We began a four day road-trip adventure across Europe, with our little dog Molly, to start our new life in Ibiza..... and it's been the very best thing we have ever done. Even Molly is loving her retirement, she seriously looks 10 years younger! Even writing this knowing that we are actually living here now, I have to pinch myself. It's crazy how life can turn completely inside out, and upside down, in such a very short period of time. Leaving Hong Kong and making the move was a huge lesson for me in trust, releasing, embracing the unknown, and of letting go of all the things that were very important, familiar and dear to us. I had to let go of a successful business that I had created, say farewell to dear friends and our beloved dog Jake, who wasn't well enough to make the trip with us. It was heart-wrenching, an extremely tough and scary time. No denying it, sacrifices had to be made as part of the necessary steps to move on. I really can vouch for the saying " take the leap of faith and the net will appear" it certainly did for us but taking the leap was so scary! For sure, having faith, belief, and courage that everything would work out, was my guiding light in those darker moments.

So here we are now in beautiful Ibiza, and as a small island there is so much to discover and explore. If we hadn't been through those tough moments we would never have experienced what we have now. I absolutely love it here and I'm so proud of us for making the leap into the unknown. If you are reading this and find yourself at a crossroads in your life, my invitation is to breathe, take time to look within yourself and be guided by your intuition and heart. It will serve you well. We only have one life and it's about making the most of every moment you have!

Let me tell you more about Ibiza. I feel like its a VERY well kept secret. The quieter northern side of island is so tranquil and breathtakingly beautiful. A magical sunshine island with a beautiful hippy, bohemian, free-spirited vibe! Amazing things are happening here. Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Spain near the city Valencia. It is the third largest of the Balearic Isles. Steeped in a long history (read more here) the hippie period being one of the most influential times. This started in the 1960's, making the island very popular with artists, writers and artisans. The combination of tourism in the 60's and the dynamic hippy movement made Ibiza the European equivalent of San Francisco. It reminds me in many ways of Bali and Goa. Then the island's reputation was a place of free thinking and self expression, and still is to this day. There are numerous hippy markets capturing the essence of life on the island, and it wouldn't be a visit to Ibiza without experiencing the famous drummers whilst watching the sun set at Benirras beach on the north tip of the island. Ibiza is a funky, vibrant, and chilled place. I love the free-spirited bohemian vibe here. It brings an interesting mix of people together. The two extremes of Ibiza being a popular party island and then this more raw spiritual nurturing side. Perhaps that's why there is balance at work here.

Having lived and traveled to many places, for me Ibiza is a perfect place to heal and reconnect with my true essence. It's about the dance I do alone, not the dance I have been shown. Rediscovering who I really am at my deepest core, rather than who I think I am, or what others think I should be. My intimate dance with myself. Discovering my true heart song and planting the seeds in the now for a future that will serve me better. There is a raw energy here, it's time to get real and go deeper. It's time to discover the parts of me that I have forgotten, or ignored. I am ready to do that . . . are you?

For more information on my services here in Ibiza please feel free to browse my website. I am offering personalised retreat programs. If you are currently feeling unhappy, unfulfilled in your life, or experiencing change, maybe one of these programs will resonate with you. I would love the opportunity to dance with you on this magical Goddess of Dance (Tanit) island.

Dance is my spiritual practice, I highly recommend stepping in as a way to reconnect with your inner truths. If you feel this is for you, please click here to find out more....

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