Are the barriers you build up around you, hiding who you truly are?

Do you put barriers up around yourself as a way to perhaps stay in control, or to protect yourself from getting hurt? Well you are not alone, this is a very human defense mechanism and quite often not even done consciously. Unconsciously our habits can be creating huge barriers around us and these barriers can be running our lives. Preventing us from moving forward in to our fullest potential. The reality is that we may think we are in control but are we? Situations in life play out as they are meant to, and you really have no control over other people’s behaviour. I believe we are guided to difficult circumstances so something can be healed, and I also believe we are guided to positive circumstances so something can be elevated. The more and more I make choices to move inwards, to get real with myself and discover what are my core truths and beliefs, I see the barriers that I have built up around me are in fact my teachers. They give me opportunities to face my fears, insecurities, concerns and move forward into new possibilities. It’s scary for sure but I always have a choice. Just as in the dance, I allow myself to sense the PAUSE, to find stillness and BREATHE. To drop my awareness down into my body, out of my head into my hara (my belly) and feel my way from this place. My hara is one of my body anchors. This really helps me to feel more grounded and not just ‘re-act’. It gives me time to notice what is really happening in the moment. Time gives me space. So my question for you this week is : Who are you when no one is watching? Often we have an array of barriers that hide who we truly are. We hide our true feelings and our desires. Do your titles define who you truly are? If you wish to release your barriers it does require ‘feeling’. It requires getting real, honest, open with yourself, and often this is a less than desirable feeling.

So why do it? I hear you say....

Well, I believe feeling is healing. We can know what is ‘good’ for us but knowing is not enough, we have to feel it to truly believe it and move through it. It breaks down the barriers rather than reinforcing them.

We have to be ready to turn our love and attention inwards and invest our life-force energy into our relationship with ’self.'

So are you ready to do this?

Perhaps if you are reading this post, then you are. . .ready? I fall and falter often, I put up barriers to hide my insecurities and to justify my behaviour. I’m human. But if I can leave you with a few ‘pearls’ this week, they are. . .

1) Be honest with your self when you falter.

2) Allow all of YOU to be seen.

3) Celebrate your achievements when you notice what feels true for you.

These are such huge steps in moving deeper into nurturing your relationship with self. YOU are WORTHY and you have the courage within you, to be who you truly are. and as Rumi so beautifully says “your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

love & gratitude Tracey x

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