Do you feel disconnected from your body?

Do you long to change the relationship you have with your body, but do not know where to start? Your relationship with your body affects your life. If you are fighting with your body, you are fighting with yourself. I believe if you are fighting with yourself you are resisting what you truly desire in your life. Disconnection can happen for many different reasons; 1) A broken connection may be due to you losing interest;

This happens, life takes us in all different directions. It really is a roller coaster, the ups, downs, the twists and turns. It is all part of the dance of life. On a daily basis we are faced with obstacles, sometimes small, sometimes larger. We can get totally attached to 'trying' to figure them out and become distracted. To be preoccupied and live more in our heads. Our body is doing its absolute best to keep us in balance. Perhaps you have sensed this, when you eat or drink too much? Afterwards you can feel your body working to achieve a more balanced state. We are born coded to be aware but over time we can also very easily block out our body signals and spend more time in our heads. Maybe as a child we were told to sit down, be still, stop fidgeting etc. When we disconnect from our body, the only way our body can then get our full attention is by SCREAMING at us! Then often at this time we start to take some notice.... 2) You are very busy and have no time;

I meet and work with so many different woman who are fantastic at juggling all the balls in the air. Being a wife, a mother, working, to name a few, but when it comes to their well-being there are no more hours in the day. Does this sound familiar? I believe no matter what our to-do list is for the day /week, month we can make time for ourselves. It is down to choice, we all have a choice. It's about feeling empowered to take some time for yourself. To say no to another (and not feel guilty) and say YES to you. There is always time for doing the things you love and I believe taking care of your body should be one of those. It is SO important. If you are feeling energized and happy then that will have a direct affect on the people around you. 3) You are low in energy, you feel it is just not a priority;

You would rather invest your energy in other things. It's okay your body is 'fine'. Your body will be there for you. We often expect a lot from our selves, and our bodies. I remember being told as a child when I was dancing ballet, if it's not hurting you, you are not doing it properly! No pain no gain! AND at the time I believed that! Wow just writing it now makes me shiver! I know from experience my body responds best when I nurture and take care of her! That means eating the right foods for nourishment, enough sleep and plenty of 'me' time gives me so much inspiration! Your body is the MOST important relationship you have. We only have one body and how you treat and look after your body is key to how you move through life. So if you don't know what to do in order to re-connect with your body, it all comes down to one very simple choice...... Energy flows where attention goes and so that choice is MAKE MORE TIME. Make some quality time to be in relationship with your body. No excuses (because we can all make excuses!) Begin by slowing down and paying attention. You don't need to take time out of your day to be in relationship with your body. Listen and receive your body's wisdom, what is your body telling you in this moment?

The more you communicate with your body the more it will share with you in return. All the answers you seek are within you, you have just forgotten or ignored the signals.

Please make a commitment to take this simple step to make more time to reconnect with your body, and see how your life will change in awe-inspiring ways! I would love to hear how you get on with this. Please share with me below how you re-connected with your body today? Change starts with one small step. If not now when?

love & gratitude Tracey x

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