How do you currently spend most of your waking day feeling? Restless or Restful?

How do you currently spend most of your waking day feeling? In a state of restlessness or restfulness? RESTLESSNESS can show itself to us in many forms. . . Feeling stuck in a life you are unhappy with Thoughts, that by now in your life you hoped to feel more sorted/ more settled Feelings of, you are getting nowhere fast You know deep inside you have so much more to offer the world Frustrated with a lack of progress

In need of a new direction in your life Inner conflicts of who you are, and who you wish to be You just don’t know what to do with your life. What is your purpose? Feeling trapped in a toxic relationship Doing a job you dislike

Lack of sleep

Worried / Stressed Racing through life but not living. Racing to meetings, racing through emails, racing to do things The balance of life/ work and of course the list continues. . . Our body is a highly organised, energetic masterpiece responding to our every thought, feeling and choice that we have. So living in a state of restlessness over time is going to have a profound effect on our health, peace of mind, and overall well-being. Not forgetting effecting the people around us. We often know deep inside what is best for us, but still the same patterns and cycles keep running. I feel that ‘thinking’ has become over emphasized. People, generally speaking spend a lot of their time living inside their heads. While of course we want creative, active minds, the mind can create much of our RESTFULNESS. My preference is to choose to be a LIVING BEING not just a ‘thinking’ being. As a conscious movement guide/ teacher, I am grateful to spend my waking day connecting with my body. This certainly helps my mind to rest. It provides me with a daily moving practice of being active but at ease.

My definition of RESTFULNESS here in this article, is to be active but relaxed. Full of rest, effortless ease. To make a conscious choice to take the path of least resistance. To not battle or struggle with life. Why do everything the ‘hard’ way? I think it’s fair to say that given the choice we all wish to be living in a state of RESTFULNESS. When was the last time you felt restfulness? If you can’t remember because it was that long ago, then maybe now is a good time for you to be reading this :) Your outer life may not be hundred percent in your control but your inner life always will be. For me I felt a shift in my restfulness when I simply made a commitment to myself to be more responsible. I am the only one who is responsible for my thoughts, my actions, my re-actions, my life. My thoughts are information that I have gathered and recycled during my lifetime, they do not define who I am. In every moment I have a choice to react or not re-act in a certain way. My body practice reminds me when we live with awareness there is always a ‘window of opportunity’, a moment to pause, to breathe, to be still, and to receive life just as it is. By enhancing my perception meant enhancing my ability to receive life just as it is. I choose to invite PEACE and HARMONY in to every situation, even if the situation triggers and pushes all my restlessness buttons. I always have a choice, and it takes practice of course to sustain this. I make mistakes, but then tomorrow brings a new day, another opportunity to become a better LIVING human then I was today. . . So next time you are aware of yourself feeling RESTLESSNESS, pause, and become more aware of what is happening inside of you. You are in control of how you wish to respond moment to moment.

If you wish to have a restful life and not a restless life you can. Be responsible :)

LOVE & PEACE everyone. Let’s ‘be moved’ by the exploration of our inner self. . . If you enjoyed this post and feel it would help and benefit someone you know, please feel free to share the love.

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