Do we really need self realisation?

Your visions will become clear when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside, awakes - C G Jung I feel it’s fair to say that what most people are looking for is good health, well-being, wealth, love and success. When these areas of our life are in balance we feel happy and fulfilled. So this week, I’ve been thinking about self realisation. The definition of self realisation = fulfilment of one's own potential I feel if we want to learn and understand something better we have to pay attention to what that is. To be able to understand how your computer works, you have to educate yourself more. How can you expect your computer to perform better, and to it's greatest potential, if you do not know how to use it? To have good health, a good place to start is paying attention and gaining knowledge about your nutrition, and the anatomy of the body. This is the same for everything in life. . . The more profound your understanding of yourself, how you think, feel, why you make the choices you do, the more magical your life will be. Miracles do happen for many people. The distance between dreams and reality is ACTION. You can access this if you care to look deeper.

For me it’s about turning my attention inwards, to observe myself without judgement, and gather as much information about myself, so that I may know myself better. I few years ago I read this beautiful piece of writing by Sukhvinder Sircar. The writing really resonated and spoke to me. I have since shared this with many of my clients who have also enjoyed the meaning behind. I feel the words are just perfect for today's post. . . She could never read maps. She now realises why. There’s a special kind of map she’s called to follow, and she’s re-learning her navigation skills.

She reads this map with her inner knowing. She downloaded it with her sankalpa to walk her path. This special map is lit with the light of her longing. The more she leans into her longing, the clearer her direction. Initially, she would be a bit confused, reluctant to give up her planning and caution, but it had the price of becoming lost. The map gifts her efficiency, economy & joy. Her body is her most powerful ally in reading the map. The entire map never really shows up. Just the bit she’s standing on appears. She’s so content with not knowing the future. She’s learning to become still and dives into the rich moment. As she’s coming into present time, she makes the amazing discovery that it’s the only place the ego cannot come. She’s pure and safe here. The key to her map is surrender. The more she trusts it, the more it teaches her ~ and she has begun to believe that eventually, every dot will be connected, even the most baffling ones. That’s because it’s not a linear map ~ it has cycles within cycles. It is such a freedom being directed and supported from within. She’s walking towards her true North. The map is within her, and the map is her. Original Source - Joyous Woman A human who starts exploring self uncovers the potential within. Enhancing your perception means enhancing your ability to receive life just as it is. If you are willing to dedicate a few minutes every day and turn your attention inwards, you will be able to explore the astounding potential within you, and then make the profound changes in your life.

Your outer life may not be hundred percent in your control but your inner life always will be.

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