Can being busy be an excuse or a distraction?

Life is busy, and we can keep ourselves very busy if we want to! There will always be something to do, and if we are not mindful this can run our lives ragged. I hear so often, "I’m so busy, things are so hectic, I can’t do xyz because I have so much to do" But how about doing less as a way to allow all the hard work that you have achieved so far, to have time to catch you up? Sometimes all that is needed is some time and space. Can being busy be an excuse or a distraction? I believe it can be. . . it often pulls us away from what is really important for us. Our dreams sadly get left on the back burner and are not always a priority anymore.

I understand we all need to 'make a living' and sometimes dreaming is not a reality for some, but being busy with life often stops us from truly living. Today, this week I invite you to take time to do less. An easy self-help practice to slow down and re-connect with what is most important to you. I do not wish for this to become ‘another thing on your to do list’. My intent, if you are reading this post, is to share a simple practice (that I love to do) as a way to encourage you to do LESS. For there to be more balance in your life. As much as you are doing, there must also be non-doing. I feel in this high paced and highly stimulating world which we all live in, we must learn to slow down more and re-connect with ‘What is most important.’ Often ‘being busy’ keeps us distracted and prevents us from giving enough energy and time to what really matters to us. So let’s set the scene for this to happen for you today. . . Firstly, in order to be able to slow down fully I invite you to create a space. When we have space, energies and inspiration has more room to flow. A dedicated space, ideally a separate room or at least a part of a room for you to be able to explore your inner world. You own sacred space. The space can be a room inside your house or a lovely secluded outside area just for you.

As you enter the space, you should feel that this is the place where you can engage and spend some quality time alone with yourself. Free from distractions. A space for you to create the opportunities to have deeper conversations with yourself, totally free from interference. Second, create this sacred space in such a way that you will love spending time in there, it will be your sanctuary. A place to unplug from the world and find peace and quiet. Make the space as comfortable and welcoming as possible. You can gather the materials/ things that will help you do some inner work. For example : Paper, notebook/journal, a drawing pad, pencils and pens, wax coloring crayons, musical instruments, reading books, candles, plants/ flowers, sacred objects and meditation aids such as a cushion, incense, an altar, a sound system, if you like to listen to inspirational / relaxing music, a yoga mat, blankets, a place to hang your vision board etc. The space should be furnished comfortably, free from interruptions and roomy enough to allow sitting, standing, moving and dancing. Thirdly, an additional tip, please always leave any phone, laptop, digital device or computer out of the space!! Whatever you think you need, can wait. . . So once you are happy and comfortable in the space you have created, let’s begin. You will need a note book or journal. Without thinking about this too much, begin to write down what is important to you. Now remember there is no right or wrong way of doing this, there were no limitations whatsoever to what you can write here (in terms of money, geographic location, time restraints, etc) you are in control and completely have the freedom to make the perfect choices for yourself.

What will make your heart sing?

What would get you all excited and ready to jump out of bed in the mornings?

What do you love?

What inspires you? Keep writing, even if it doesn’t really make sense, just allow yourself the freedom to express, and let the experience of writing unfold naturally, let your creative juices flow. There is no one telling you what to write or do, this is an exercise for YOU to reconnect with what is most important for you. Send as much time as you like writing. You may even wish to do this exercise over a few days. Remember there is no right or wrong way of doing this. RELAX and enjoy the process. . . This exercise provides you with precious time, to hang out with your self, and to reconnect with what is most important for you :) As time passes I am sure you will want to spend a lot of time in your sacred space, but maybe to start with (without making it to much of a to do list for yourself), fix a daily time for yourself to hang out in your space, as a way to connect with your inner self. There is no substitute for a dedicated conscious daily practice, the rewards of inner work are so precious, and the transformation they augur for your life. A few minutes, to an hour a day is time very well spent. Look out for part two of this practice. . . Realising what is stopping you from taking the step to make 'what is important to you' a priority in your life. Please click here to read>

So if this post has ignited a spark of curiosity within you, and you would like to receive more encouragement and guidance please click here>> Let’s ‘be moved’ by the exploration of our inner self. . . If you enjoyed this post and feel it would help and benefit someone you know, please feel free to share the love.

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