What are the benefits in experiencing a personalised one-on-one retreat?

We live at a time where for many, life demands a lot from us. Life can be very high paced, stressful and troublesome. I am a great believer in as much as we ‘do’ there must be time for ‘non-doing’ in order to re-balance and recharge. Otherwise we hit brick walls, go round and round in circles, remain in a life repeating patterns/cycles, have nervous breakdowns, or suffer with anxiety and depression.

If you are experiencing anything like this right now, then I am so glad you are reading this. . Life can really be a sensory over-load. A retreat experience gives you the opportunity to withdraw, reflect and turn your attention inward, away from the world of everyday demands, pressures and responsibilities. It provides you will space and time to pay attention to any one of a wider range of issues: your health, relationships, career, personal development, a sense of meaninglessness, lack of purpose, challenges of ageing, coping with emotions, anxiety, depression, crisis or spiritual enquiry.

There are of course many benefits in experiencing a group retreat experience, but today I wish to tell you a little bit more about what we are offering, as it is something unique and different. We specialise in offering people the opportunity to have a tailor-made one-on-one retreat experience at any time of the year! This way we can support our retreat guests in the very best possible ways.

Often I feel that in a group retreat setting people can ‘hide’ themselves easily. When we work individually with clients we can really focus on their unique desire and needs during the sessions, there is no hiding. As a conscious movement guide, I use movement (as therapy) to be able to connect more deeply with the client (body) in front of me and be the empathetic observer. I create safe spaces and place my client at the centre of their own experience and reflect what is happening back to them. In my experience of hosting multiple group retreats for over 10 years worldwide, I often witness retreat guests feeling more self-conscious during a group experience. Therefore, they do not open up and let go in the same ways as when they are alone. When I work one-on-one with clients they relax more quickly, there are less distractions, and of course they are not concerned by what 'others' around them are thinking or doing. So as a result, we share a deeper more personal, healing experience.

I believe restoring global community starts through inspiration and individual transformation. Our exclusive retreats are centred around conscious movement and wellness. The experience opens people up physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and creatively. It inspires people to find clarity, re-connect to their true authentic voice, their body intelligence, and inner wisdom so that they can make bold and courageous next steps in their lives. My methodology as a conscious dance movement guide is to create experiences that encourage clients to get in touch with their thoughts, choices, and feelings. We tend to be pre-occupied and live inside our heads and disconnect from our bodies. While it is wonderful to have a creative and active mind my work supports you to connect with your body intelligence and become more body-centred. This in turn connects you to your knowing (your truths) and into being. To move from this place deep within, it changes the way you see, feel, and experience the world around you. During our retreat sessions we explore through authentic movement, structured therapeutic movement, body awareness, observing tension within the body, postural exploration, visualisations, symbology, mirroring/reflection, motivation, breathing techniques, love & care, and relaxation. I meet you where ever you are at; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I see you. I hear you. I have dedicated my life to the art of dance and to understanding the intelligence of the body. I believe there is no swifter, truer way for someone to reach his/her fullest growth potential than through a conscious somatic movement practice. Who we are is reflected and manifested in our bodies. The way we move or do not move our body can often be a metaphor for how we move and interact with life. My work helps to build the bridge (transition space) that separates the inner and outer self allowing the deep knowledge of the unconscious to manifest in movement and image. Our personalised one-on-one retreats offer you the space to step back from your everyday life issues, to shift from outward achievements and dedicate quality time to inner reflection and contemplation. We all require ‘time out’ so that we can slow down, relax and re-connect with our soul path. Each personalised retreat experience is unique, because you are unique. We offer you time, space, love, spirit-based principles, meditations, body-centred movement coaching techniques, and practical wellness tools and nutrition advise to help you thrive. Our retreat guests leave feeling re-energised, balanced and in harmony with their bodies and life. Often our retreats guests have described their retreat experiences with us as life changing. Here are some examples of the exclusive retreat themes that we are offering. Please click on each title below to find out more details about each theme. Retreat Theme 1 - Time to Rest - Pause Suitable for : Someone who wishes to step back from everyday life issues, to breathe and connect with more silence and stillness. Retreat Theme 2 - New Direction. New You Suitable for : Someone who is feeling frustrated with life. You feel ‘stuck’, you are sitting at a cross-roads not knowing where to go next. The same patterns keep playing over and over again. If you have reached the point of ‘enough’ then you are ready for the next step. Retreat Theme 3 - Emotional Balance Suitable for : Someone seeking support for life change and life challenging situations. Retreat Theme 4 - Energy Renewal Suitable for : Someone who is over worked, stressed, burnt-out, low in energy, experiencing a life crisis, or post relationship breakdown. Retreat Theme 5 - Reconnect with Your Body Suitable for : Someone who struggles with low self esteem, body image problems, disconnection from their body, always living in your head (mind). With solo travel becoming more and more popular I feel people are understanding the incredible benefits to having ‘time out’ and spending some quality time alone. Discovering who you are as a person is incredibly empowering and life enhancing.

We would love to experience a personalised retreat experience with you on the beautiful bohemian island of Ibiza sometime soon. Please get in touch if this article resonates with you.

We would LOVE to hear from you. Experience how a personalised one-on-one retreat can support and nurture you!

Let’s ‘be moved’ by the exploration of our inner self. . . If you enjoyed this post and feel it would help and benefit someone you know as well, please feel free to share the love.

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