Is your life a balancing act?

I am fortunate to support and help many women and men with their health and well-being, and in doing so, I often witness that we all share many of the same desires, concerns and struggles. One struggle I see for many, is how they feel out of balance, disconnected, out of sync, but don’t know what to do in order to change that. Their desire is to discover practical ways in which they are able to create and then sustain a better BALANCED lifestyle. I believe living a balanced life, is a commitment, we must consciously choose to do small acts of self-care each day as a daily mindful practice! Perhaps you struggle to find balance between your family life and having enough time to nurture your own personal development? Perhaps you lack the time to dedicate quality time to your health and well-being because you are busy with work? Or maybe you are spending most of your time thinking (living in your head) and not actually living in your body? With all these struggles it is clear to see signs of imbalance. To be out of balance - unrooted : not centred : not grounded : not well proportioned : off balance : not evenly or properly distributed : not treating all sides with due importance : unbalanced : lacking steadiness and soundness of judgment. To be balanced - being in a state of proper equilibrium (such a wonderful word!) There are many ways to regain balance in our lives, today I want to talk more about the balance going on within us. By this I mean our physical self, mental self, emotional self and spiritual self. How much time do you spend balancing these four parts of you? Imagine for a moment each were a room in your house. A kitchen (physical)

A lounge (mind)

A bathroom (emotional)

A bedroom (spiritual) What would happen if you only lived in one room, for example the lounge. If you only spent time doing things that stimulated your physical self how would that look for you? When you logically think about this, we require all four rooms in the house, for the house to function properly. BUT why is this not the case when it comes to us (as human beings)? Many of us have forgotten that we are actually spiritual beings. In time if you only pay attention to one part of you, what happens to the other three parts of you? When we are not treating all parts with due importance, then certain parts of us remain neglected and under stimulated. Where do your tendencies lie, can you sense where you spend most of your time? Which room? It’s important to stimulate each part of us in order to create more balance and harmony. Each part provide us with a beautiful way to explore who we are, and to navigate around our inner world. When we start stimulating these four parts within us, it creates more balance from within which naturally starts to effect our lives on the outside. A beautiful side effect happens effortlessly…. So this week my invitation to you is to pay attention & explore doing one small act, one thing where you can stimulate each of the four parts of you. What can you do today for your physical self? Perhaps an example; would be to take a movement dance class, go walking, running, cycling, swimming, yoga session, sit in stillness. Make it a body-centred practice where you can pay attention to the signals and sensations of your body. Less thinking and sensing more. Our bodies are so wonderful at teaching us about balance. What can you do today for your mental self? Perhaps an example; would be to meditate, read, spent time surrounded by nature, learn a new language, or see if you can wake up and not look at your phone straight away! Our minds are not always at good at practicing balance! They need to learn to switch off a little! What can you do tomorrow for your emotional self? Perhaps an example; would be journal about what you LOVE to do, imagine what your perfect day feels like and write down in your journal all the details. What can you do tomorrow for your spiritual self? Perhaps an example; would be break a habit, go on an unknown mini adventure where your spirit has no borders! Step out of your comfort zone. Discover what spirituality means for you? Then notice and pay attention by doing these small acts, how does it make you feel? What does your body sense?

What happens with your mental energy?

How do you feel?

What awakens with in?

What realisations do you have about yourself? My hope is that you will enjoy exploring and finding the answers for yourself to some of my questions above. Perhaps in reading this you will sense immediately where you spend most of your time? If you are very physical and active in your daily life then perhaps by recognising this you can slow down and find more stillness. Or if you are preoccupied and spend a lot of time living inside your head then perhaps making a step to invite a body-centred movement practice into your daily routine will help you. David my husband and I made a wonderful discovery a few years ago, we stumbled across what is known as the 8 ways of well-being… Known as 'The 8 TLC's - 8 Ways to Well Being (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes - created by Roger Walsh, Lizzie Kennard, and David Kennard)' they believe that these 8 simple elements help create a balanced, happy and fulfilled life. When David and I moved to Ibiza two years ago we made a decision to integrate these elements in to our own personal lives, and with our retreat business, and I can whole-heartily say they work beautifully for us! 1. Spend time in nature 2. Relax & manage stress 3. Be of service to others 4. Nurture relationships with family, friends, and associates 5. Take time for recreation 6. Be mindful of nutrition 7. Make time to exercise 8. Develop spiritually Balance in life is achievable. Being aware of your tendencies (auto-pilot responses) can help you when you sense you are pushing yourself to keep going, when actually by taking time out for yourself you will balance the doing with the non doing!

As much as we move, we must also rest. As much as we rest, we must move.

My hope is that this post serves you well. If this has ignited a spark of curiosity within you, and you would like to receive more inspiration, tips on how to improve your health & well-being please click here and receive a free Movement Meditation Video as a gift from me to you>

Let’s ‘be moved’ by the exploration of our inner self. . . If you enjoyed this post and feel it would help and benefit someone you know as well, please feel free to share the love.

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