Do you take enough time for STILLNESS?

Everything in the universe has a pulse, there is a time for expansion, for contraction and stillness. Nature teaches us this pulse, these cycles beautifully. Spring/Summer is a wonderful time for new growth and expansion. Autumn is a time for contraction, letting go, and Winter is a time for habitation, stillness, nourishment, in order to be ready for the next expansion. Where in your life right now can you sense EXPANSION? Perhaps it is a new relationship, a project at work, a new business idea. Expansion moves us forward, it’s a time for growth, inspiration, motivation and creativity. If you were to think a little more about this area in your life where you sense expansion, when was the last time you experienced a contraction? If your tendency is to keep striving, expanding, and moving forward in your life then you may find that this constant motion forward will result at some point in you hitting a brick wall, or with the bubble bursting. Just as the flower grows and blooms, the cycle of this beauty and growth must also come to a natural end in order for this flower to re-bloom. CONTRACTION is a time to go inwards, to retreat as a way to re-charge and nurture yourself. It’s a beautiful time to really sense all the achievements you have made during the previous expansion. All the hard work and progress that moved your forward. As humans often we give ourselves many goals, we work extremely hard to achieve them, we push ourselves to our limits, and then don’t give ourselves a break when we have achieved what we set out to accomplish. Does this sound familiar? Even when we reach our goals (that were previously so unreachable without all our efforts) we are often already looking for the next BIG thing, or direction to focus on, and be consumed by.

So we move from expansion into the next expansion, and so on. To contract is not a ‘bad’ thing. It a time to appreciate all your efforts, to pat yourself on the back, to chill out and relax. You did it! You made it! Amazing! We do not have to keep moving forward all the time, it’s okay to STOP. STILLNESS is the non doing, the time for peace and calmness. To do nothing, or very little. When we are truly in stillness we often hear the most. I know for me when I am still, the Universe has time to catch up with me. I receive the most inspiration and realisations when I slow down and settle into the stillness.

You may have heard people talking about why they can't meditate. Often I hear, I don't have time to meditate, I don't like the stillness!

Then my question would be....why don't you like the stillness?

Stillness for many can be a scary thing, taking time out to be with your own crazy mind! I strongly believe if we all spend more time connecting to nature and aligning with it’s pace we can all benefit in profound ways. Our world is so highly stimulating. City living brings an intensity and fast movement of go, go go. When I was first reminded of ‘the pulse’ it made perfect sense to me, but I am happy to admit, taking time out to be still was a challenge for me at first. I have born in approx 30 minutes start to finish! I was ready to come into this world! As my Mum tells me, Tracey you always want to run before you can walk! I often used to have feelings of guilt and laziness when I was still, that voice inside telling me “you should be’ doing something. But the reality is there is 'no should be.’

Living on an island, I am reminded on a daily basis to slow down. I love how Ibiza is teaching me the art of stillness. For me it is an art, and one to be practiced in order to master. My invitation for you this week is to find STILLNESS. Make it a priority to sit and do nothing. Allow the movement of your Body, your Mind and your Emotions to slow down. Our thoughts and emotions can often pull us in so many directions, and as a result it can be exhausting. Allow and invite in more silence as a way to cultivate stillness. Allow your body-mind-emotions time to relax and renew, ready for your next expansion!

My hope is that this post serves as a reminder for you to take some much needed time out for yourself. If this has ignited a spark of curiosity within you, and you would like to receive more inspiration, tips on how to improve your health & well-being please click here and receive a free Movement Meditation Video as a gift from me to you>

Let’s ‘be moved’ by the exploration of our inner self. . . If you enjoyed this post and feel it would help and benefit someone you know as well, please feel free to share the love.

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