Learning to love WHAT IS. . .

We don’t have to like what is happening right now in our lives. There may be physical discomfort, emotional confusion, or obsessive thoughts, but whether you like what is present or not, there is a process of learning to love WHAT IS in your experience. All of us have within us a critical voice. I like to call it my ‘chatterbox.' A strong inner voice that can be very intolerant, harsh and particularly non-loving when we speak and describe ourselves. What is the matter with me? What is wrong with me? Why am doing this? I’m not good enough You will never succeed etc Or the voice that compares yourself to others They are more beautiful than you They are more successfully than you They are more compassionate than you etc I believe LEARNING TO LOVE WHAT IS, is actually a way of learning to be gentle and tender with your own critical mind. My invitation for you is to spend time today and during this week ahead, to pay attention to your thoughts, particular any negative thoughts, or limiting beliefs you may have about yourself. Pay attention, and notice how these limited, restricted, and unhelpful thoughts can keep playing out over and over again. Often causing inner turmoil as the thoughts keep re-enforcing the negative messages about ourselves to ourselves. As this re-enforcing happens we become drawn into believing that this is our truth(s) and we can often slip into becoming like our thoughts. Our minds can create thoughts that are so powerful and sometimes very self destructing. Once you become more aware of these negative thoughts that you say about yourself, I invite you to create some space. What I mean by this is….notice your thoughts and,

1) Allow and be respectful to them

2) Give them the space. Allow their brief life to play out without interference from you

3) Accept it and do not get attached to them, let these thoughts pass you by. Imagine perhaps your thoughts are like the clouds in the sky. They will always be there but they will pass by. Space is awareness. There is space around your own thoughts, around your own mind. For me the simple practice of meditation (on a regular basis) helps me to create this space, and in creating the space it provides me with a real relief from listening to my thoughts. During your next meditation begin my sensing the space around you as you are sitting. Feel and imagine the space as wide open, vast and endless. Notice any limited, restricted, or unhelpful thoughts about yourself, and first respect that they are showing up and allow that to happen, then make a conscious choice to let these thoughts pass through the wide open space that is around you. See in your mind’s eye that these thoughts are like bubbles around you that just pass by. Accompany whatever thoughts shows up for you, allow them to come and go. It’s a process of awareness and learning to love what is happening however pleasant or unpleasant. Let your thoughts, feelings wash over, or flow through you, and just be the emphatic observer that you are. As with most things, this is a practice, and something to be mindful of. In time you will sense that you are learning to JUST BE, and to accept and love what is happening without attachment and interference. For me this is a wonderful practice of reducing the movement of my mind and emotions in such a way that cultivates harmony, space, and a gentleness when listening to my own critical mind. Consciousness is spacious Awareness is spacious Our breath is spacious

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