3 steps to become more aware of your body's wisdom

The body provides us with an opportunity to actually be here right now where life is happening, rather than being lost in the story. It is very easy to take our bodies for granted, expecting them to always be there for us. To be healthy, strong and able. It is easy to become pre-occupied and live inside our heads and not pay attention to the signals of our body. As a conscious movement teacher /guide I have dedicated my life to the art of dance, and to understanding the intelligence of the body. There is so much wisdom within us, literally available to us in every moment, but sadly for many people in the world they have lost, or forgotten this body connection and look outside of themselves for the answers they seek. When actually everything is within you, and the body provides us with the gateway inwards. Our bodies are designed to move and they support us in incredible, awe-inspiring ways. Our bodies are unbelievable works of art, our abilities are profound, to see, to hear, to sense, to touch, to smell, to think, to feel, to speak, each are all incredible inner engineering. BEING AWARE is key to connecting to our body wisdom. To drop our attention down, out of our heads, and listen and pay attention to the sensations within our bodies. Today I wish to share three steps that support me in becoming more aware of my body's wisdom. They are each an individual self-practice : Contact, Curiosity, and Care Awareness = paying attention, knowing, revealing, receiving experience, allowing, caring for, making room for, being loving. 1) Have CONTACT with your body Paying attention to your body sensations (signals) as a way to listen carefully, and to be in closer contact with what your body wishes to share with you moment to moment. Every day is different depending on how you have moved or not moved your body.

Being contactable, embodied, and present, brings aliveness to every moment.

There is no moment in life that doesn’t benefit from contact. Coming more into what is happening, and being more in touch with your experience. 2) Have CURIOSITY about understanding your body, the mechanics of, and how your body is designed to move It starts with a willingness to find out and learn about what is happening.

Not just thinking about it but actually have the curiosity to find out. To educate yourself on the anatomy of the body and why your body moves the way it does.

Better understanding of how things work provide us with ways to become more mindful of our movements and actions.

There is no moment in life that doesn’t benefit from being more curious, that willingness to look more deeply and find more understanding. 3) CARE for what is happening in your body For many caring for yourself in often the last thing we do. We are often much better at caring for another before ourselves.

Often our own body can be crying out for love and attention from us, but we can still keep pushing them to their limits, or ignoring them completely and carrying on regardless. I believe self-care is the starting point to everything. To be up close and personal with your body is a wonderful way to care. When we pay tender loving care to our bodies, our bodies reveal so much more wisdom to us. The language of the body is through sensation, this is how our bodies speak and communicate with us. When we pay attention to these sensations (signals) and response lovingly, and in a caring way, (rather than ignoring them) then our body responds more and more. There is no moment in life that doesn’t benefit from us being more caring for what is happening. For me, the foundation, is the body. When our bodies are strong and functioning well, we are more stable to then pay attention mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Beginning with the architecture of the body, having contact with it, and a curiosity to learn more about it, and a caring spirit to listen and pay attention, you naturally get to know who you are are as a human being on a deeper level. You discover your truths and your authentic voice. When you know yourself better you will make better choices, for yourself, with your relationships, in your career, business, and your health.

Everything in your life benefits when you become more embodied. Restoring global community starts through inspiration and individual transformation.

My hope is that this post serves you well. If this has ignited a spark of curiosity within you, and you would like to receive more inspiration, tips on the body, or on how to improve your health & well-being please click here and receive a free Movement Meditation Video as a gift from me to you>

Let’s ‘be moved’ by the exploration of our inner self. . . If you enjoyed this post and feel it would help and benefit someone you know as well, please feel free to share the love.

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