How to monitor your personal power in order to not feel depleted of energy.

Life at times can be hectic, lots of stimulation from every angle. Everyone wanting a piece of you, deadlines to meet, appointments to keep, emails piling up in your inbox waiting to be answered, grocery shopping to get, kids needing attention, etc etc. Do you feel like sometimes there are not enough hours in the day? Do you feel over whelmed, trapped in a cycle that keeps looping, exhausted by your ever growing to do list? Two questions to consider… 1. Do you keep going and going and going and going and going? Until you hit a brick wall with your body screaming at you STOP, IT’S ENOUGH! or 2. Are you mindful to take steps to make time to renew and recharge along the way? Would you like to create a sustainable lifestyle for yourself, where you can monitor when and where you invest your energy in order to sustain an authentic balance between the doing and non doing? You have at any given moment a choice, what you choose is up to you. Do you make choices that support your health, well being, and avoid energy leaks? Choosing where is best today, this week, this month to invest your energy, and where you can hold back a little and conserve your energy, in order to give yourself time to renew, recharge and sense more peace & harmony, is a way to craft a healthier more balance lifestyle. We can all make quick fixes; a short retreat holiday, weekend away, meditate, food, power naps/ sleep, all these fixes are wonderful but we also want to monitor solutions on a moment to moment basis. Not feeling pressured by our environment to keep going and going and then actually winding up feeling unwell. I grew up as a child in the UK, and I experienced the Western approach to medicine, which was, when I felt ill I would go to see the doctor and he/she would ‘fix’ me and help me to feel better again. Whereas when I living in Hong Kong I learned that with Chinese Medicine it is about going regularly to your doctor, making small repair’s along the way, in order to NOT get sick. I really like this approach in the prevention of illness. The prevention of not letting things get so bad that you end up ill and out of action for days/weeks. So the last few weeks have been busy for me. Perfectly the universe delivered this to me. An ideal opportunity for me to truly practice making choices that support me and my well-being in the best possible way. A wonderful opportunity to practice ‘what will serve me best’ moment to moment, even during busy times. To not find myself draw into the running around like some crazy women possessed ‘trying’ to get everything achieved! My first step was to take some time each day to sense what tasks required me to invest more of my energy in, and what tasks I would give a little less energy (minimal effort) to that day. Not as a way to become lazy, just choosing to not put 100% of my energy (personal power) into every single task. By taking the time to scan over my tasks and recognise which ones required more attention right now, I could then make better choices that would support me, so that I would feel more energised by the end of the week, rather than perhaps feeling pulled in so many directions and completely depleted of energy ’trying’ to complete all my tasks. So my invitation for your this week to sense Where in your life right now requires you to invest more of your energy? and where can you take your foot off the pedal a little and conserve your energy by only investing a minimal amount of your life-force energy. If it of course a way of prioritising. Every day we can create an ever-growing ‘to do’ list for ourselves and keep ourselves busy, but really what is most important, what requires attention (more investment) today and what can you circulate your energy with (minimal effort, without ignoring or being lazy!) The intent being to make small mindful acts (self-care) to feel more energised, rather than depleting yourself of energy, and still achieving all your tasks. So let me give you an example of how I would play with (investing & circulating energy) in a conscious dance /movement therapy session. . . Imagine we are dancing a simple structured sequence of movements (choreography). Once we have mastered the moves and feel comfortable, then hopefully we can relax in our thinking about the steps and bring our attention to the sensations of our body. This awareness then creates a space where we can sense the energy circulating around our body. We can then invite in a sense of ease, relaxation and ideally a sense of minimal effort in performing the sequence of movements. Then when we are ready we can make a conscious choice ahead of time to INVEST fully (for 16 counts only). So for example one type of investment maybe to make our movements more powerful, strong and dynamic in nature. When we know (ahead of time) that it is only for 16 counts it means we can FULLY invest 100% of our life force energy in the moment and into the sequence of movements, because we know we do not have to sustain this level of investment for too long. I felt a sense of empowerment (personal power) knowing that I am the one in control, rather than feeling I am being pulled in lots of directions. Another example would be to play with NOT investing all our energy into the obvious energized, upbeat songs. Often these types of songs just naturally invite us to move more dynamically or powerfully, and can deplete us of energy if we are not mindful. So by not getting caught up, or carried along with the high energy songs we can choose instead to bring a calmness and flow to our movements, and only circulate our energy with minimal effort, as a way to use the time (space) to re-charge. Small acts of self-repair (care) along the way. Life can sometimes be chaotic, and of course this can effect our personal power, but we can always expand our awareness, and make a choice to not get caught up, and give our power away. When we pay attention to our bodies, we can find more authentic balance, support and ease. So this week notice how you can be more mindful to take steps and make time to renew and recharge along the way. Rather than keep pushing yourself and feeling depleted by the end of the day / week. Happy energy exploring! 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