How intuitive are you?

There are two very simple words which we use every day, that can sometimes get us in a lot of trouble. Both have a tremendous amount of power. If I say ‘YES’ it can take me down one path and if I say ‘NO’ it will take me down another path.

So which path will serve me better, moment to moment? Either word can take me into the unknown and that is what I have been ‘playing’ with this week in my conscious dance movement sessions. Firstly I have been sensing the YES and the NO and what that feels like in my body as I move. YES to moving with pleasure and comfort, NO when I am not. Also, practicing saying both out loud as I move with certain movements, and being bold & confident as I speak each word, as a way to re-enforce the meaning.

For example, when my body signals yes, then sensing that and responding accordingly. YES it is possible…..YES I can…..YES I dare….. NO it’s enough……NO it does not feel right……NO not right now…. YES it’s time to let go…. NO I desire more time…and so on Taking this practice from the dance-floor out into my everyday I’ve been sensing when I say ‘yes’ in certain situations, and when I feel it’s an automatic response, perhaps with little conscious consideration. I have been choosing to 'wait' before I make any decision. This pause has created a space, a window of opportunity for me to be able to truly listen to my intuition before saying either yes or no.

So interesting to practice this . . . Sensing if saying YES is the correct choice (will this serve me better) or would NO be a better choice.

For example, am I saying yes out of fear of missing out, or no out of fear of low self esteem? If you are anything like me, I know many times I have found myself in situations in my life where I have made a choice and said YES (without conscious consideration/thinking not feeling) and then later on discovered that it did not serve me fully. If I had truly been more aware of my intuition to start with, it was actually telling me NO, NO, NO from the start! Making intuitive choices actually feels so good, it keeps me in my body and out of my head, it supports and nurtures me, and this is certainly where I wish to be heading and spending time, rather than finding myself in situations that do not support or serve me. Listening to my inner wisdom, giving myself time to wait, and trusting in that process has been a wonderful self-practice to hang out with again this week. I recommending giving it a go and see how it supports you :) I invite you this week to be aware of 1) Sensing when you say YES and when you say NO. Wait before you jump in with your answer, give yourself time/ space and listen to your intuition. What intuitively are you feeling is the better choice for you in that moment?

Go with trusting your intuition and see where it may lead you. Often saying NO to another is saying YES to yourself. Saying NO can create a wide open space for peace and freedom to flow in, opening the heart and allowing the unknown to be present.

2) Also play with saying YES when you would perhaps usually say NO, and visa versa and see where this leads you. On a last note, of course not saying yes to any situation that could seriously get yourself hurt. Daring to be gentle, compassionate with your ‘self’ always.

Be 'moved' by the exploration of self this week. . . So if this post has ignited a spark of curiosity within you, and you would like to receive more inspiration, tips and how to improve your health & well-being please click here>> If you enjoyed this post and feel it would help and benefit someone you know, please feel free to share the love

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