Do you choose to allow or resist in life?

“Remember life is about movement & just like the shifting sands or the ever moving tide, it’s about being flexible” ~ ♥ Vesna Do you choose to allow or do you choose to resist in life?

How we choose to react is key to our health and well-being. ‘Allowing’ ~ acceptance, letting go, flowing, not striving, surrendering. Certainly for me personally sustaining this sensation has been more challenging and is still definitely an ongoing practice. I am a person who is always looking forward, moving forward, striving to my next dream, achievement or adventure. So going more with the flow, trusting, less in control, and being okay in the unknown, is a little scary for me. So to change this behaviour within me, I have been consciously choosing to not resist whatever obstacles I am presented with. My Mantra has been : I choose not to struggle. I choose to FLOW. As a result, going with the flow, and surrendering versus ‘resisting’, has had a truly profound effect on my nervous system. A deeper sense of inner peace and calmness. The visual that comes to mind is the great river. In life, do I choose to battle upstream, against the strong current or do I let go of the oars and float down stream? A great question for life! Where are you at right now with this? Do you feel like you are battling life or going with the flow? For years I had been battling, pushing and trying to get up river as that is where ‘I THOUGHT’ I needed to be. BUT actually it is not, everything I desire is actually down the river. I just have to practice trusting, and have faith that everything will be provided for me at the perfect moment. For me resisting takes up a lot of energy, it’s often hard work, and causes me pain. A few years ago I suffered a terrible knee injury. An injury where surgery was recommended. As a conscious movement teacher not being able to dance and teach my classes was incredibly difficult for me. I truly ached to dance during that time, for me dance is so important to my life and livelihood. The former classical dancer/performer within me also knows how to push on, the show must go on, and also how I expect a lot from my body. But during this time, my body had spoken, or should I say screamed at me to STOP, it was ENOUGH. The injury in my knee was serious and therefore forced me to stop, but even with this injury I still wanted to keep repeating the pattern and conditioning of ‘pushing on through’ the healing process. Only the other day I was re-reading one of my journals. To TRUST, to trust in myself and life. To know that right now I am in exactly the right place. Trusting that the universe always supports my highest good, and gives me the opportunities to grow, learn and evolve with love.

In order for me to trust I had to let go of my fear, of controlling the outcome, quirky as this may sound my knee injury delivered me that lesson and showed me the way. I am so grateful for the lessons I received during that time. My relationship with loving my self deepen greatly and I was able to let go of old ways of doing. During my knee injury I was totally resisting. I was frustrated, I kept pushing on through the pain, I struggled and put up a really good fight. I did not stop, I tried to keep going even though walking was so painful. To be honest it was incredibly ‘hard’ work and I was getting absolutely nowhere. Healing was not happening, all I was doing was causing my body and self more pain. So in order to heal by knee I realised I had to surrender, to go with the flow, and allow. This was a process I had to journey through, and as a result of not resisting the process, I healed my knee naturally without surgery. Quite remarkable. And the funny thing was that in the end I really enjoyed the injury/ healing process. Our bodies are so incredibly wise, when I think about it I am just in awe. Every cell in our bodies are so amazingly intelligent, all we have to do is LISTEN and pay attention. So today I invite you to sense where in your life right now can you feel resistance? Where are you struggling, pushing through and hitting obstacles time and time again? What can you do TODAY to change that cycle/ pattern? To give in, to surrender and ALLOW Let's be 'moved' by the exploration of self. . . So if this post has ignited a spark of curiosity within you, and you would like to receive more inspiration, tips and how to improve your health & well-being please click here>> If you enjoyed this post and feel it would help and benefit someone you know, please feel free to share the love

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