Are you looking for a NEW DIRECTION in your life?

Often in life we find ourselves stuck at a cross-road, unsure of where to head next, a doubting mind at war with itself. We may have arrived at this cross-roads for many different reasons, a loss of a job, or maybe after months or years of being in a career that was causing you stress and anxiety you resigned without knowing what is going to come next. Change, or not knowing an outcome can be scary, so sometimes we end up staying still (at that cross-roads) in order to avoid embracing change. Imagine for a moment, if your life is already full, how can there possibly be any space for anything else to present itself to you? The perfect job is out there for you, and much closer than you can perhaps imagine, but if you don’t let go of your present job, how will the universe be able to orchestrate the opportunities to help and guide you towards that new opportunity and dream role. Sometimes it’s about taking that leap of faith and trusting that the net will be there for you. I am a great believer in that in order to be ready for the ‘new’ opportunities and possibilities to come into my life I have to CREATE SPACE for myself. Letting go of what is no serving you (for example perhaps a stressful job), can help to create that space. When we stop and give ourselves some time and space we can also get some clarity on what we really want to call into our lives. If you are feeling unhappy, and unfulfilled then maybe you are not in alignment with your authentic voice. Our actions flow from our understanding of who we are. If we do not know who we are, we will make poor choices. You will know how to act, when you know who you are. Stopping and slowing down provides you with the space to gain clarity once more on what you truly want for yourself, what lights you up, and makes your heart sing…. by knowing and feeling this, then you will have a much clearer idea of what your next step(s) will be. Often in a job we can loose ourselves, our unique signature. Sometimes even without realising it, we can become aware that over time we have compromised our values, beliefs, and principles in order to meet the expectations of the role, or to please an ignoring/ demanding boss who gives you unrealistic targets, and never values you as a person, or your work. So if you have been in a particular job for a long time, you may feel like you have lost touch with who you are, and therefore no longer really know what you want anymore. Is this how you are feeling right now? Then my invitation for you today is to take some time to STOP. By releasing old habits and ways of doing and ’non’ doing you will make space to infuse your body with new energy and expression. Make some time today for yourself, somewhere free from every day distractions. No excuses, make yourself a priority for at least 20-30 minutes. Go outside into nature, and find a beautiful, peaceful spot to sit. Whether it be close to the ocean/ river, on a quiet park bench, in your garden, or sitting on top of a beautiful hillside/ mountain with a beautiful vista. Allow the environment around you to also feel spacious. Then allow yourself to find a comfortable position to sit in, and bring both your hands to your heart. Your left hand closest to your heart and your right hand over the top. Close your eyes and feel the connection to your beating heart. Feel the strength and vitality of this life force energy with in. Through touch we have access to sensation. Feeling is healing. Then ask your heart in the moment for guidance. Ask you heart WHAT IT KNOWS TO BE TRUE FOR YOUR NEXT STEP? Ask the question and then just wait, wait for the wisdom of your heart to give you the information. The answer may not drop into your consciousness straight way, but please wait, practice patience with your self.

Just stopping can allow the space and the solution (your next step) to emerge. You are only a thought away from changing your life, and only YOU can create that thought. If you still unsure of what your next step in life will be, then please click here to find out more about our NEW DIRECTION. NEW YOU Wellness Retreat. This exclusive retreat experience will support you in finding the answers within you, and the path to walk your truth. It would be my absolute pleasure to share this retreat experience with you. Let’s be moved by the exploration of self….. So if this post has ignited a spark of curiosity within you, and you would like to receive more inspiration, tips and how to improve your health & well-being please click here>> If you enjoyed this post and feel it would help and benefit someone you know, please feel free to share the love

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