Coming Back to Your Centre

It is sometimes difficult to maintain a connection to myself when everything around me is constantly changing. Do you ever feel like this? When people I love are no longer physically there for me. Good friends move away. When habits that have held true for so long no longer serve me. Or when the world around is in utter chaos. How do I find that place within that is resilient and unshakeable. For me life is a dance. Just like life, within the dance there are the twists, turns, highs, lows, sometimes we move forward, or backwards, we pause, or we go around and around in circles. It makes the dance interesting, but often in life when we experience these lows, or if we are not always moving forward we get dishearten, or feel unhappy. But if you think about a dance performance, if the dancers were always moving forward and only staying at one constant level it would make the dance appear very dull and uninteresting to visually watch. The twists and turns, and highs and lows make life interesting! So why do we often struggle when we are seemingly standing still in our lives, or when we are just going around in circles? It often creates emotions of feeling unsettled, and unsure of our next step(s). This is when I realized that my dance through life is a continuous process of finding my centre. I ask myself: how can I maintain a connection to myself when everything around me is constantly changing? TO GO WITHIN often seems against the modern-day way of life, but for me it is so very important in creating more balance in my life. This continuous dance of inner connectivity and outer expressiveness. Every ending equals the beginning of something new and beautiful, and everything fresh and new will inevitably shift, change and at some point end. So this week I invite you to ask yourself, what practice(s) anchors you to your centre? How do you stay connected to YOU regardless of what is happening? How do you find your way back when you get caught up in the constant shifting of life? What is your magnet home? Because the only way I know how to navigate through my life with more ease and grace, is by anchoring into my center. Both when it is time to fly, as well as dive deep within. And regardless of where I find myself, my body (and even particular body parts, such as my feet), and the medicine of conscious dance is the practice that shows me my way home. When was the last time you danced? Even just for 5 minutes? Today I am sharing a short self-care practice to help you feel more centred. . . Start by choosing some relaxing or inspiring music, and begin by sitting comfortably (ideally in nature). Feel the connection to the earth beneath you, and anchor yourself into the space by visualizing a flexible cord that spirals from the base of your pelvis (root chakra) down deeply into the crystal core of the earth. Quieten your mind and begin to bring your attention to your physical body and particularly to your breath. As you inhale deeply feel your belly expanding and as you exhale settle back into your spine. Feel that deep arrival into the wholeness that is your body. After sitting for a few minutes allow the music to gentle inspire your body to move. Move slowly, and pay attention to the sensation of your body. Perhaps find a beautiful stretch that feels good for your body, and then gradually allow the movement to take up a little more space and volume, whether you remain on the floor or bring yourself up to find your feet. Follow what feels good for your body. I love to play with imagining that when standing/ dancing that my feet are like the roots of the tree, keeping me rooted, grounded and connected to the earth beneath me at all times. My feet are definitely wonderful anchors, when ever I feel lost, confused or unsettled, I bring my attention back to feet as a way to feel more centred and grounded. So simple but very effective. Feel free to move freely (authentic movement) for as long as you are conformable with, and keep your attention on the sensations (signals) of your body. Allow and open yourself up to all the possibilities that your body provides you with (moment to moment) in order to remain centred. Living less in your driving mind and more in the wisdom of your body….. embodiment. What happens within the dance studio space is not separate from my dance of life. If I have any struggles or obstacles ‘in life' I bring them into the studio space, and dance with them. This provides me with the space to get to know them, understand them, and figure out what they all mean, and how i will navigate my next life step(s). The reason I dance is to meet myself; to be with myself; to align with my higher self; to create space; to reveal and embody my truth; to release what no longer serves me; and to take responsibility for my thoughts, emotions and actions. I hope this short self-care practice encourages you to STOP what you are doing and DANCE, as a way to help you feel more CENTRED today. Let’s be moved by the exploration of self….. So if this post has ignited a spark of curiosity within you, and you would like to receive more inspiration, tips on conscious dance/ dance movement therapy and how to improve your health & well-being please click here>> If you enjoyed this post and feel it would help and benefit someone you know, please feel free to share the love

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