How to cope with Emotional Charged Thoughts.

We are emotional beings. Every minute, every hour, every day we have hundreds of emotions moving through our system. Every thought, and emotion has a profound effect on our health and well-being. E Motion - energy in motion When you move energy you cause effect Thought is pure energy Every thought you have, and ever had, and will have, is creative Like energy attracts like energy Thought is creative Fear attracts like energy Love is all there is Thoughts rooted in fear will produce one kind of manifestation. So how do you become more aware of your emotional charged thoughts and learn to move through them with more ease? A lot of what we think about it is actually just rubbish, recycled thoughts that can play over and over in our minds. We have learned over decades to identify, stay with, hold on to certain thoughts in our mind. In time we have become masterful at this. For these types of recycled thoughts, the best way is to just let it go by. I like to image my thoughts like the clouds in the sky, they are always going to be there, but I do not have to get fixated on them. I can make a choice to let them pass by. However having said that, some thoughts have an emotional charge, and so need more investigation. You may find that however much you let go of a particular thought or memory it keeps coming back. Often the reason for this is because there is some associated charge linked with it. Those thoughts, memories, images that have a strong feeling attached to them, perhaps feelings of sadness, hurt or anger, confusion, resentment, or jealousy. So with emotional charged thoughts it doesn’t matter how many times you release the thought(s), the feeling is still there and will continue to play out. I believe it is this feeling that needs meeting. One way is to use your meditation practice (or for me my conscious dance practice) to create the space and have the opportunity to hold and meet those feelings tenderly, gently, and with loving care. As humans we are very good at giving emotional love & support to others, but when it comes to ourselves it is often more difficult. In this moment I invite you to imagine a small child. Perhaps this is your own child or a niece /nephew, god child, or a child close to you. Imagine if that child was in distress how easy it would be for you to help and love them. We naturally attune to them, our hearts come forward to care for that child who is in distress. But in our own experience, when we are lost, confused, hurt, angry, distress, frustrated, how easily we do not come forward, we do not care. In fact what we actually do, is to the opposite and push it away. So those thoughts that come up that are emotionally charged, the thoughts that don’t wish to go even when we choose to let them go, I invite you today during your meditation (or yoga / dance practice) to hold them, meet them in a tender, loving and gentle way. Pay attention to the thought, image, memory, somewhere where you felt hurt, misunderstood, confused, what ever it may be. You may find that the tendency is to keep replaying the story as if to resolve it, but it is often a past memory, so you can never go back. So if this starts to happen I invite you to meet the place where you felt hurt by it, confused by it, shocked by it. Feel how the feeling lives inside you, get to understand it. To feel is to heal. You may sense in your body there is a prickly sensation, perhaps in your chest, or a tightness in your tummy. Pay attention to your body and the signals it is sharing with you. Hold the sensation (the feeling), sense your breath, and gently in the same way you would hold that child that was in distress, see if in that moment you can cultivate care and tenderness to your own experience, your life, to your own heart and mind. A tenderness to allow those difficult feelings to undo, to unwind and unravel, so that you may detach from them. Tenderness invites relaxation. Care invites our experience to rest. Allow those emotionally charge thoughts to rest. Let us practice cultivating loving self awareness. Holding our thoughts in the way we would hold a precious child. Let’s be moved by the exploration of self….. So if this post has ignited a spark of curiosity within you, and you would like to learn more about our exclusive One-to-One retreat experience "Emotional Balance" please click here>> If you enjoyed this post and feel it would help and benefit someone you know, please feel free to share the love

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