How aware are you of your self-talk?

If someone keep’s telling you 'you are not good enough' (repeatedly) then you will start to believe it. What if that someone is you. Are you aware of how you talk to yourself on a daily, hourly basis? We can easily be pre-occupied and spend most of our life listening to the voices inside our own heads. We are so often our own biggest critic. Even when others pay us compliments we can shy away from them, and don't truly receive or take them on board. Not believing in the goodwill gesture of the compliment. I believe LISTENING is an art form that sadly (in this world of ours) I feel it's getting lost. We are getting so distracted by so many things. We have so much stimulation from every angle all of the time. Our mobile devices are just an arm's reach away (at all times) and when we could be stopping and tuning inwards we instead find ourselves glued to social media, or email, and the likes. This week my invitation for you is to put your mobile device down as often as you feel it starts seducing you in, and instead take some time to go for a walk in nature. Move and connect with your body, immerse yourself in the nature, whether it be in your garden, local park, the forest, the beach. As you are walking pay attention and listen to the way you speak to yourself about yourself. Observe yourself without judgement, simply gather the information as a way to understand yourself a little more deeply. I recommend carrying a small journal/ notebook with you and when you feel compelled find a spot to sit and write down what you are hearing/ noticing. Our language is so important, it's a vibration, the words we use can effect any situation we find ourselves in, and can have a profound effect on our peace of mind. Listen and become aware of how your talk to yourself. The words you use. How we talk to ourselves is key to how we interact with life. It can literally stop us from doing things. For example; applying for that dream job, attracting a loving relationship, achieving our goals/ dreams, taking a leap of faith into a new direction, etc etc. When was the last time you stopped yourself from really stepping into something because you told yourself it's not possible, your will fail, you are not good enough to succeed. When you hear that inner voice telling you are not good enough, you will not succeed, I ask instead that you communicate back to that voice and ask the inner negative dialogue to stop. Instead remind yourself of the last wonderful achievement you made, when you overcame a challenging obstacle. Pay tender loving care and attention to yourself. Choose to speak to yourself in a kind and loving manner. Perhaps just as you would do to encourage a small child to try again with something that they were struggling to do or solve. Fill yourself up with words of encouragement.

Choose words that empower you rather than dis-empower you.

You are after all the director of your own mind. . . I can do this I have the inner strength I am confidence to do this

I am brave I am good enough

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