Giving, Giving, Giving

Where do you invest your life force energy? Do you save any life force (energy) for yourself or does it all go out to everyone else around you? Your boss Your kids Your wife/ husband / boyfriend / girlfriend Your family Your job Striving in your career, and climbing the corporate ladder Are you actually aware of how much you give out? And do you receive in equal amounts back in (receiving) for your self? If this is unbalanced. Here are three simple steps to help you monitor your life force energy and make some positive changes to break some habits: 1) What is a priority for you? Take some time to feel into this question. What have you been putting off from doing (a personal goal) for months/ years as you have no time or just feel exhausted / no head-space to think about it? Choose to do one less thing for another this week and instead invest that time, space and energy in you. Make one step today towards that goal that you have been thinking/ dreaming about but have as yet not done!

Energy follows attention, so pay attention to what you desire and make the step. Do something for yourself first this week. 2) Do something that will make your heart sing again, and re-charge your energy (physically-mentally-emotionally-spirituality) batteries! When we feel drained of energy, it's important to monitor where you feel it. Is it in the body, mind or emotionally. The body is sometimes much better at stopping and resting than the mind or our emotions. The movement of our minds can pull us in many directions, and this can be very exhausting. So it's important to take some time to become aware of what you need, and then this will help you decide on how to give back to yourself for the best results, body-mind-emotionally.

Take a long hot bath Go on a beautiful walk in nature, connect with the earth Take time to read a book Treat your body to a relaxing massage

Meditate in nature

Attend a conscious dance movement therapy session

Swim in the ocean

Take a technology fast for a day/ week

Connecting with the elements can give you an amazing 'charge' of motivation and inspiration. Sometimes this truly is the best medicine you can give yourself. Give back to yourself first. 3) We live in a world that tells us giving is good, taking is not. But it's important to feel into your limits.

To not keep pushing yourself to be there for others when you are feeling depleted physically-mentally-emotionally-spirituality.

Yes we want to be there for friends/ family when they need our help and support but sometimes saying no to someone else is actually saying yes to you. We have to communicate that compassionately to others so they understand, and then we don't get pulled into situations that actually do not serve us. Be generous - learn to fill yourself up first (examples of how to fill yourself up ate above in number 2).

Just like a water fountain (imagine you are the fountain) if you keep giving the water out to others it will eventually dry up. Learn to give to your self first and then come from that place of fullness (the water over flowing with abundance) to give to others. Rather than running on empty (coming from a fountain of lack).

Fill yourself up first. Let’s be moved by the exploration of self….. So if this post has ignited a spark of curiosity within you, and you would like to receive more inspiration on our ENERGY RENEWAL Exclusive Retreat please click here>> If you enjoyed this post and feel it would help and benefit someone you know, please feel free to share the love

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