I am Tracey, a dancer, choreographer, conscious movement guide, educator, writer, intuitive healer and mentor. I am so thrilled you have found me.

As a little girl there wasn't a day where I wasn't hopping or skipping somewhere. Dance is my spiritual practice. The reason I dance is to meet myself; to be with myself; to align with my higher self; to create space; to reveal and embody my truth; to release what no longer serves me; and to take responsibility for my thoughts, emotions and actions. I practice to be a better human and deeply connect with my soul.

I left home when I was sixteen years old to attend the Northern Ballet School in Manchester, England. After extensive classical training I graduated and danced professionally for a number of years before becoming a full time teacher. I have over two decades of teaching experience, traveling extensively worldwide, and working with hundreds of women. My adventures have taken me all over the planet, where I have trained with leading teachers and masters in different forms of dance, Nia, yoga, martial arts, dance therapy, meditation, holistic healing, and somatic movement. Through these practices I have experienced and embodied many techniques which help align, balance, and support me on my personal journey through life. Conscious dance is my ultimate passion, my love, my direct route to truth, source and fulfilment. In many cultures dance is indigenous to life.

I will be your movement guide.

My desire is to raise the vibrations of the space I occupy in the world. I am passionate about nurturing my relationship with my body and self. I believe ‘inner bonding’ is the starting point for everything. To connect more deeply and listen to my inner wisdom, to know myself more fully, and find what is true for me.

I aspire to inspire others to find clarity and connect to their soul's truth as a way to guide and support their own life journey. We are, after all, dancing to the same rhythm and pulse of the universe. Everything is an expression of the divine within us.

Movement is communication. When we came into this world the first way we communicated was through movement. Movement is creative expression, bringing the unconscious to the conscious and getting in touch with our inner state.

I have dedicated my life to the art of dance and to understanding the intelligence of the body. I believe there is no swifter, truer way for someone to reach his/her fullest growth potential than through a conscious somatic movement practice. Who we are is reflected and manifested in our bodies. The way we move or do not move our body can often be a metaphor for how we move and interact with life.

My methodology as a conscious dance movement guide is to create experiences that encourage clients to get in touch with their thoughts, choices, and feelings. We tend to be pre-occupied and live inside our heads and disconnect from our bodies. I mainly work one-on-one with clients, so that I can support them in the best possible ways. I do this through authentic movement, structured therapeutic movement, body awareness, observing tension within the body, postural exploration, visualisations, symbology, mirroring/reflection, motivation, breathing techniques, love & care, and relaxation.

I meet you where ever you are at; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I see you. I hear you.

I begin with the architecture of the body as my map. Guiding you to relax, pay attention and listen to your body sensations. Tension in the body is often a camouflage of our deep rooted problems. Relaxation helps to open us up to our inner sensing (attentiveness into inner self). When a person is in a state of relaxation they are better able to discover and release creativity and then naturally energy starts to flow. Responses become more spontaneous and imaginative, energy flows, and movement pattern becomes truly authentic. This creates meaning and insight. Authentic movement is externalised movement in alignment with inner sensing.

By projecting feelings into space through the body, the movements become communicative. Through movement my clients can connect and reveal their inner lives. An emphasis on bringing expression back to it’s somatic reality (or source of the body). Dance is our natural tool for reuniting mind, emotions, and body.

My work helps to build the bridge, (transition space) that separates the inner and outer self allowing the deep knowledge of the unconscious to manifest in movement and image. I create safe spaces and place my clients at the centre of their own experience and reflect what is happening back to them.

For me self love is the key to healing and empowerment. You are the only one who can take responsibility for your own feelings, emotions and ultimately life. I believe ‘inner bonding’ is the secret. Really getting to know and understand yourself on all levels. Whatever you have suppressed, ignored, or forgotten within yourself must come to the surface in order for you to heal and grow. When we allow ALL of ourself to be seen, felt, and heard, then personal, profound realisations start to unravel in to our consciousness.

There is an inherent talent and untapped creativity that resides within each of us. Letting go of that which is imposed onto you from the outside and trusting in source (soul / spirit), trusting in yourself and the wisdom within, you will unlock your potential and create more meaning with your self and in your life. This then creates a beautiful ripple effect to your loved ones, close friends, and to the world around you.

Now based in Ibiza, I facilitate soul-full personalised retreats all year round on the island, structured therapeutic dance experiences, and inspirational workshops. I also continue to teach around the planet at renowned yoga conferences, academies for performing arts and dance, award winning health and healing resorts, and destination spas. Recently I was selected to collaboration on a inspiring book called Reboot Your Life. Please click here to find out more

I offer space for you to free yourself from illusion, energetic blocks, habitual patterns, trauma, and inhibitions. To support and empower you to connect with your inner wisdom, creative self-expression and ultimate greatness. An invitation to look within and move from this place.

Let’s ‘be moved’ by the exploration of our inner self. . .

About Tracey

Denise and Hannah Cornall - UK - August 2016

Couldn't ask for more. We feel that our time on Ibiza was blessed from start to finish. A sure message. How can I thank you enough for the major part you played in our feeling of healing and well being. The bond we felt with each other and with you, the fun we experienced in each others company and the magic that Ibiza has cast on us, all topped by our remarkable dance sessions with you is something we will both treasure forever. You have had a profound effect on Hannah for which I am so eternally grateful. As for myself, I am able to return to Manchester with an open heart and faith in the future. You beautiful you, so glad I found you!


Some recent reviews from our clients

Colleen Kurdy - San Francisco - May 2016

I was looking for a soulful experience and found that and so much more with Tracey! I am so grateful to have found her and I absolutely loved the experience of somatic dance. Her approach, demeanor and soulfulness as well as the dance environments were so inspirational that I didn't want to leave. Tracey and David's hospitality is beyond a retreat. It is an experience in discovering deeper parts within yourself and I cannot thank them enough for creating space for me to achieve new levels of enlightenment. Truly magical!



Katie and Georgie - UK - July 2016

Thank you so much for an amazing 6 days. It has been everything we wished for and more and more and more. It has truly been the most positive and illuminating holiday we have been on. Dancing with you was a very precious experience and it will stay in our hearts forever. Thank you for spending time to dance with us, we will treasure your energy and will aspire towards that every day. See you in the future.