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from some previous retreats organised by Tracey

by Leandra O’Sullivan (UK) - August 2017

I came to the retreat with no expectations, acknowledging that I wouldn't find all of the answers as to why I came here. By the end of Day 2 (I came for 5 nights in total), I witnessed a life changing step-change within me; physically, mentally & spiritually. Working with Tracey gave me the strength & ambition to take the leap of faith in myself & face my fears. The result... an outlook on my life which resonates with me for the first time in nearly two years. I feel excited and positive about the future, but most importantly, I'm living in the now... and working towards being the best human being I can be. And that, in itself, is why I would recommend coming to the retreat, spending time with Tracey in & out of the programme, eating David's incredible food (too many meals to mention but the mezze is pretty delish) & giving Molly, their dog the odd cuddle. The Finca itself feels 'like home'... calm & welcoming. There's spaces to be on your own or within company.I cannot thank Tracey & David enough for their kindness, fabulous hospitality & the retreat experience offered. Memorable & Magical, it's a must for anyone caught up in whirlwind lifestyle who wants to find balance. 

Pippa x (UK) - June/ July 2017

Several weeks after arriving home from the retreat and I still can't stop sharing the wonderful experience I had with Tracey.  I can honestly say, hand on heart, that the retreat was one of the most positive experiences of my life.  I had been considering going on a retreat for several years, but could never find quite the right thing. I then came across Tracey's retreat, that focused on one-on-one support, on dance movement and self care.  The beautiful and inspiring way that Tracey describes the retreat on her website is so reflective of the experience. I have never felt so empowered in my life and have come home feeling more balanced, feeling braver about the future and feeling more connected with myself.  I do feel proud of myself for taking the step to travel alone, to a new place, to people I didn't know.  Not that I needed to worry, as from the moment I pulled up outside Tracey, David and Molly's beautiful home, I was made to feel incredibly welcome.  David treated me to the most delicious food that together with the early morning runs that I did to the beach a mere 3km away, helped me to feel physically and mentally strong. The support and guidance that the most beautifully gifted Tracey provided has made me feel more emotionally grounded and more spiritually connected. A huge heartfelt thank you. I will hold the memories of dancing with Tracey in my heart and in my soul for many many years to come. Thank you, 

by Jaidip Kumar (India) December 2016

I must confess, I was very apprehensive about making a solo-trip, in an ‘off season, with strangers, in an unfamiliar island, and as I write this I can’t thank myself enough for making the great decision. There are very few people in this world who can connect with other people in such a short time, at such a deep level. The awesome conversations, your suggestions of the bike tour, the spa sessions and indeed the amazing food are an experience I will never forget. Tracey your sessions were truly transformational. I have never been at such peace ever. It was akin to an ‘out of body’ experience and finding my state (0,0,0,0) in the space-time dimensions. I can only hope to have the camaraderie, friendship and compatibility (with my spouse when I get married) that the two of you have. The world is a better place with you. Bless you!. From the bottom of my heart. A huge THANK YOU. This part of my life was called HAPPINESS

by Fien (Belgium) - December 2016

This was my first retreat, I did not know what I could expect and was somewhat a little skeptical with respect to this experience, even though I booked it myself. From my initial contact with Tracey, I felt at ease, listened to and trustful. I immediately felt welcomed when I arrived in Ibiza. I booked a stay of 8 days. I had the time to rest and unwind, and good advice to explore the island. The one-on-one sessions with Tracey gave me an incredible amount of virtue. They were tailored, personal and liberating. The combination of techniques were dance, visualisations, relaxation, and yoga. I felt another woman when leaving you. My posture changed, I became more positive and lighter and gained insights into myself for 2017. Not only psychologically it made a difference, but also physically. Tracey knows what she is doing. She takes her time for the people who come. They want to know and help you moving forward. Ideally in the combo is her husband David and his cooking. I am not a vegetarian, but I decided to cut some meat and make some of his recipes at home already. There is much love and care into what I was served. Good food. A total picture. I was also positively surprised about Ibiza. I like hippie, female-friendly atmosphere and beautiful nature. I feel floaty from there. 

by Hannah Shedden (Scotland/Switzerland) July 2017

I couldn't recommend Tracey's retreat highly enough. For me it was exactly what I was looking for. I couldn't have asked for more and I can't thank her enough. It completely opened my heart, turned me upside down and inside out and completely changed how I see the world. Tracey is a truly remarkable, inspirational, beautiful soul. I have visited a magical place, had a life changing experience and made a wonderful friend. If you are looking for love, joy, peace and fun all in one bundle go on Tracey's retreat!!The best thing you will do!! 

by Lynne Dossetter (UK) - April 2017

This retreat has given me more than can be seen on the surface. Folded deep within we have shared an experience that I am sure has already changed my life. You have a unique gift and you are generous enough to share it with those who find you. Thank you got supporting me to begin my journey of healing, moving and being kind to myself. There aren’t words to communicate how profound it is to be witnessed so deeply. You have intuitively been there every step of the way, and have given me confidence to commit on taking the next step forwards with what I have leaned from you both. Out of the struggle transformation will emerge. With love, peace and an open(ing) heart. Thank you


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